Saturday, March 28, 2015


Dave has a wonderful sense of humor and quick wit.  Even full of morphine, he cracks Katy up.  She says it’s a gift for her right now.  With her permission I share these.  She wouldn’t let me tell you the BEST one though!

Katy: I’ll  be just down the hall in a sleep room, Honey.  Want me to wheel your bed down later?

Dave:  Aww, Katy.  I just wanna’ try to be a good, Christian man.
(OK that one WAS the morphine talking and not Dave’s usual reaction!)

When his brother, Joel, walked into his room, he grabbed his gown at the lapel and spoke into his imaginary walkie talkie:  “Security!  Security to ICU.”

When she told him Joel was coming, he said, “Tell him the gynecologist will be in later.”

Joel didn’t get it until Katy asked, “A gynochologist?”  Dave was ahead of them all!

When he tried to get up, his bed beeped loudly.  He immediately reacted, “Testing. Testing.  Testing.”
Katy had to tell him several times that first day that he’d had a seizure.  He didn’t remember it nor being told at first.  When he finally realized it, the next day he said,
“I’m thinking about having another seizure.  It’s nice to get so much sleep.”

Nurse: “I bet it is with 6 kids.”

Dave told the doc something about a MASH episode and the doc laughed and came right back with a Star Trek reference.  Then the doc said, “I had my own episode operating on a man named Jesu. . .on CHRISTMAS DAY!”  Truth is stranger than fiction.

When told, “You’re going to have a spinal tap here soon.  We’ll roll you over on your side.” 

David sarcastically replied, “I’m looking forward to it.”

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