Thursday, March 12, 2015


(This was my very first blog post from nearly 6 years ago.  It's also the story of a beginning.  And an ending.  Fitting for now, as Kat's Pause pauses.  Enjoy the reruns!)

Not that I can spare any part of my mind, still I plan to share bits and pieces with you.

Years ago I asked our youngest daughter, Katy, "What do you like best about our family?"

"Hm-mmmm," she pondered. Then she lit up. Speaking for her older siblings, Kimberly and Kent, she piped, "We have a lot of laughness!"

Laughness. A good word. And true. But as a family, we've also shed our share of tears. I should have known life would not be solely the fairy tale of brides' dreams. That mingling of joy and sorrow began on our wedding day.

Hours before Doug and I married, the phone rang. But I didn't hear the phone ring. What I did hear was Mama crying, talking softly with Daddy, secluded in their bedroom. I figured someone dropped the wedding cake so I eased their door open. She sat on Dad's knee and their faces told me it was more serious.

They were discussing whether or not to tell me the bad news before the ceremony. My entrance made the decision.

"Granddaddy died."

Suddenly. Unexpectedly. Mama's father was gone.

I sat on Daddy's other knee and we cried together. Such sorrow.

On my happiest day? What do we do now? Wedding? Funeral?
My wise, godly father chose for us, "Today there's a reunion taking place in heaven. Your grandfather loved your grandmother more than life. It's a happy day there.

And we're going to have a union and happy day here too."

Eternal perspective. Clearly focused.

Life has thrown that Duke's mixture at us over the years. Sometimes the "laughness" and tears come at the same moment. Kinda like that famous scene in the graveyard with Sally Fields and friends in Steel Magnolias.

That's what I'll post...bits and pieces of life. You'll laugh for sure, may feel a heart tug now and then, probably thank God you're not part of our weird family and may even get a bit of biblical wisdom
from lessons we've learned.

God's the center of our family. Our three children now each have four kids of their own. (Well, Katy's fourth is on the way! ETA September.)* They all love God passionately. We're blessed to be a blessing. Hopefully we can share with you from our many

~     ~     ~
(*Katy had 3 more babies, totally 6 children!  That brings our grandkid count up to 14.  Since the picture above of Doug and I cutting our cake, our clan now totals 20!)

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