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This blog was from Feb. 3, 2012 and was the most widely read.  Gabe is a former student of mine, who went on to study at S. C. Governor's School and now studies in Germany.  We stay in touch and he's still part mine!  

Tomorrow night he performs a free piano concert right here in Florence at St. Luke's Episcopal Church on Cherokee at 7:30.   He requests for food donations to be brought to the concert.  These will go to House of Hope.

(Don't miss the short video at the end of today's blog.)

He sauntered into the music studio for his lesson and began unpacking piano books, "Hi, Mrs. Henderson."

"Hi, Gabe. How was school today?"

"My teacher said it was an atrocious day!"

Surprised at the word from an eight year old, I repeated, "Atrocious? Did you contribute to that?"

"What does contribute mean?" he innocently asked.

"Gabe, how is it you know the meaning of atrocious but not contribute?"

"Because my teacher says it. A lot!"

After I defined contribute, he added, "No, I was good. It was another boy in class. He causes a lot of atrocious days!"

His vocabulary grew right along with his music theory over the next few years. He always brightened my Tuesdays at his lesson time. He charmed me as usual one day and I smiled, "I could just eat you with a spoon!"

He pointed to his chest and quipped back, "This item is NOT on the menu!"

(Music Camp '09 playing for an assisted living center. Gabe's in navy shirt.)

Over the years it was clear to me that he was truly gifted in music. He played beautifully but his passion was for composing, Sometimes the 12 year old played at church for me in my absence.

(Recital '10-Gabe is back row, striped shirt in front of Thad's trumpet)

A little over a year ago he came for his piano lesson. I greeted the 13 year old with, "Gabe, today we're not having your usual lesson. I have a surprise for you. My phone will ring in a few minutes. It's my friend, Ivy Spera. She's a composer studying at Julliard." That half hour conversation between two music prodigies launched Gabe into a world every musician longs for but few experience.

Later she called me, "Kathy, Carnegie Hall here is having a national competition for young composers. Would Gabe be interested?"

Gabe was interested. Gabe won! His work will be performed Sunday by an orchestra and 400 voice choir at Carnegie Hall. I'm flying to New York today and can't wait to hear it and see his smile.

Recently I threatened, "Gabe, I'm working on my fingers-in-the-mouth sports whistle so I can cheer for you at Carnegie."

Wide-eyed horror flashed across his face, "Mrs. Henderson, I'm working on my I-don't-know-her-face! I would die if you did that and you'll embarrass yourself too!"

"Oh no, Gabe, because when everyone in the audience turns around to stare at the whistler, I'll turn too and just glare at some innocent man sitting behind me. They'll never suspect this grandmother of doing something so inappropriate!"

(Gabe in front of Carnegie Hall this week. . .waiting for me!)

And I never suspected that a little boy went from an atrocious day to the most astounding day of his young life in just five years. Through Ivy's introductions he even met with a few Julliard professors.

Gabe went to NYC ahead of me this week and messaged me:

  • Just wanted to let you know that I went and prayed at St. Patrick's Cathedral today about my piece. It really helped. I prayed for about ten minutes.

God amazes me at how He places people and opportunities in our lives at just the right time. The Creator gave my student his creative gift. Gabe now gives it back to Him and us here together in New York City! Thank You, Lord!

My schedule:
Sat. Feb. 4 - 2:00 PM - See Wicked at Gershwin Theater
Sun. Feb. 5 - AM -Go with Ivy to her church, Brooklyn Tabernacle
Sun. Feb. 5 - 3:00 PM - Hear Gabe's music at CARNEGIE HALL (See poster & video below.)

I'll post pictures from all 3 places & Carnegie video in the next blog on Monday.

This bio video says it all in less than 2 minutes.
(See NYC pics & concert clip video in next blog!)

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Kat's Pause Pauses

This weekly blog has been an adventure for several years now.  My goal was three pronged: 

  • to record our family stories, 
  • share my heart lessons or 
  • simply make someone smile by encouraging laughter.  
It's a simple mission statement and I've enjoyed the experience.

My love for writing led to this path and as long as it was not a burden, but an enjoyment, I continued.  At this point, however, I find myself at a drought.  A friend said, "Maybe it's time to let it go."  Also sounds like a good song title.

So for now, Kat's Pause pauses.  I've published over 300 blogs the last 6 years or so. I added a counter and since then almost 55,000 have read it.  On Fridays I will repeat some of those if you care to drop back in.   

If you have been a reader, feel free to either comment below or use my email:


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Judging by my last picture pun blog, you like them as much as I do.  Had 470 hits that week. So this week and next we'll enjoy a few more!