Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kat's Pause Pauses

This weekly blog has been an adventure for several years now.  My goal was three pronged: 

  • to record our family stories, 
  • share my heart lessons or 
  • simply make someone smile by encouraging laughter.  
It's a simple mission statement and I've enjoyed the experience.

My love for writing led to this path and as long as it was not a burden, but an enjoyment, I continued.  At this point, however, I find myself at a drought.  A friend said, "Maybe it's time to let it go."  Also sounds like a good song title.

So for now, Kat's Pause pauses.  I've published over 300 blogs the last 6 years or so. I added a counter and since then almost 55,000 have read it.  On Fridays I will repeat some of those if you care to drop back in.   

If you have been a reader, feel free to either comment below or use my email:


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