Friday, August 31, 2012


Every parent, any teacher hears a myriad of excuses.  Kids seem to be the chief manufacturers of them.  From the standard, "The dog ate my homework" to the written excuse note that reads, "My mother said I was sick and could not do my book report.  Signed Mrs. Smith."

Kids are not alone in this venture.  Adults are guilty as well, although they cultivate it as they age.  Novices may begin with, "The check's in the mail," but soon refine the lie.

I asked my facebook friends about excuses they'd heard or used.  June 14:

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    • Victor Caine I'm out of peanut butter.

      (excuse given to a preacher for missing church... "Because it's as good as any other reason I could give you.")

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    • Jimmy C. Griggs A person calling her insurance enrollment information 2 days past the cut off period (using her cell phone).....reason for calling late, the land line was notworking.
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    • Brenda Walker Ragan Bro Cordell actually ran over a term paper with the lawn mower after it fell out of his pocket and he backed up over it.
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    • Joy Kilgore Couldn't come to church because the electricity was off and we couldn't cook breakfast.
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    • Serena Morgan The guy that was driving in front of me was going 20 miles under the speed limit, so I tought I would be able to use up those extra 20 miles over the speed limit to make up for lost time.
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    • Serena Morgan ‎---------The kids--------- Thats a pretty good excuse all in itself!
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    • Rebecca Bentley Hall I seriously hit every red light on the way ...
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    • Allan Crowson ‎"Our computer crashed."
      "Our Internet was down."
      "The library didn't have the book when I went to get it yesterday."

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As a piano teacher I hear excuses weekly.  Bet you do too. If you care to leave your favorite classics in the comment section, I'd love to hear more.

Without excuse,
Just Kathy

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