Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(I first posted this blog almost 7 months ago, just moments after the death of my big brother, Bert.  I still can't read it or hear the song at the end without tears.  For us.  Not him.)

"Just down yonder!  Stay on the path, Kathy!  We're almost there!" Grandma Tippett called over her shoulder as she led the way.  Doug and I dutifully traipsed behind her through the cornfield.

"There it is!" she beamed.  "Our first house and your daddy was born in that front bedroom, Kathy!"  The rusty tin roof beckoned us to come sit under its shade.
Doug hoisted his camera and began shooting as Grandma and I stepped onto the rickety porch and peered through foggy windows into the dusty rooms.  We heard him groan and looked back to see him ripping a plank from the house. 

"That's old lighter wood, Doug," Grandma explained.  He smiled knowingly.  My understanding of that term came about a week later.

My husband is a man of many talents and interests.  His photography, painting and woodworking dovetailed to create one of Daddy's most prized gifts, a painting of his birthplace.
Once the canvas was complete Doug took the lighter wood to his shop.  "I'm making the frame from the actual house siding."  A few minutes later I looked out my kitchen window to see smoke billowing from his shop.
I rushed out to save Doug from the fire, only to find it was that hard wood plank stressing his table saw, filling the room with smoke.  

"Feel it, Kathy," he offered as he handed me the wood.  I touched the smooth cut he'd just made.  It was warm and hard as marble.  NOW I understood what the term lighter wood meant.  The old heart-of-the-tree wood was petrified.

Daddy and Grandma are probably on their homeplace front porch even now in a new home "where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt."  

No doubt they welcomed Bert home as he entered glory just moments ago.  My big brother, Bert. . .firstborn of a firstborn. . .in heaven because God gave His "only begotten Son."

Grandma on her old front porch reminiscing 
"I'm staying on the path, Grandma!  Tell Daddy and Bert we're coming home!  One day. . .we're all coming home!"

Bert, leading the way home, with his firstborn, Brian, following his Dad's footsteps.

Doug's Paintings
Still life in my piano studio 

Seascape hangs in our bedroom.
I picture Peter walking on water here when I need a FAITH lift!

Whether life today finds you at peace or in a storm, the only path Home is Jesus.

Hope to see you there one day,
Bert wrote a 2-part blog for me over a year ago, sharing lessons he learned from cancer.  You may find his perspective an encouragement.


  1. Tim and I are praying for you all. Mr. Bert was a special man and I know Heaven is a little brighter today because of his presence there. Love you!

  2. Praying for your family, but thankful that you will see them all again!

  3. You and the whole family are in my prayers. As your mentor and friend Jack said: "Bert is smiling now. The tears are ours."

  4. Patty Raper to me
    show details 8:37 PM (2 hours ago)

    I can just imagine how sweet the service will be for Bert's home going. We are praying for safety of travel for all who will be on the road - going and coming home; praying for grace and mercy.

    We love you all and what a legacy he leaves behind and what a wonderful time he is having with your Mom, Dad and grandparents. Makes you a little jealous!

  5. Sue Horton Romano January 5 at 10:52am

    I am praying for you, Mrs. Henderson. Please let me know if I can do ANYTHING else.

    Mr. Tippett was a godly man and influenced me in many, many ways. I also remember one time when my dad stopped going to church and your brother Bert wrote him a letter of encouragement. That letter totally turned my dad around and got him back on track for the Lord. After that, my dad remained faithful.

    This morning when I found out Mr. Tippett had gone on to be with the Lord, my mind was flooded with memories. When he went with us on drama tour, we called him "Two Dollar Tippett" because he had allotted $2 for each one of us to have for lunch each day.

    Once in chapel, he said, "God takes it personally when His children complain." Everytime I get in one of those complaining, negative moods, I am reminded of that valuable truth!

    I love you and am praying for you. I know you are hurting, but what a grand reunion we will all have one day!

    Love and prayers,

  6. This is Doug's twin brother:

    Don Henderson commented on your status.
    Don wrote: "kathy, i love ur blog. you are truly blessed to have such a brother as bert. GOD bless"

  7. We are truly rich, in all the ways that matter.

  8. Mike Hicks wrote:

    Kathy, thank you for your blog. As I read about the old home place a few tears welled in my eyes. Your brother was the best Sunday School teacher I have ever had. (Horton Heights 70-71, my senior year)