Friday, January 23, 2015


"Kathy, when you write, edit yourself. Use fewer words. Never send adjectives on a verb's journey."  Jack Williams is both a wonderful writer and excellent editor.  He was also my mentor when I began writing years ago.

Beyond writing, however, sometimes less is more in other areas of life.  As we age, ladies, I submit we should use less 

* perfume

* jewelry

* red lipstick

* make-up in general
When I moved this shot to the trash bin, it felt very appropriate.

* hair length

* dark nail polish

* cloches

* words (both written and spoken)  I'm working on this one!

I love make-up, jewelry, decorating our home and words. I've also noticed the tendency to use more, perhaps because we have more at this age.  But that's also the very reason I suggest LESS. Aging gracefully may include editing, decluttering our lives. 

Trying to dress and look young actually makes us look old, somewhat pathetic. Yet we can be current without aiming for hipster trendy. . .translated = ridiculous.  Now I love seeing my daughter, Kimberly, in her blood red lipstick. She does glam and drama well!  She's young. On me, it would just be scary, clown-like!  

Buying more stuff to display in our homes, collecting more toys or games to play can tend towards hoarding. Perhaps not displaying it all at once is a form of editing. Even when rearing our kids we saw excess at Christmas so we stored half of their gifts away until June then rotated toys.

Holes in our hearts can not be filled with more things.  Stop the flow but fill the hole with God. 

It's elegant, uncluttered, simpler, classier and more age appropriate to use less. When is enough enough?   

Kathy's two cents' worth here.  And you just got it for free!  More for less!

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