Thursday, January 15, 2015


The title warned you to read this only if you're a musician.  We may or may not be venting a bit here.  We're not so much criticizing, as vomiting.  Some things tend to upset us, stomachs included. 

On the appreciative side, however, we sometimes don't fully credit our sound technicians for cleaning us up.  This video gives a pretty accurate picture of what they do the keep musicians literally on track!

Recently my friend and fellow musician, Keith Hammerick, posted this video on facebook. Another friend, Kirk Slaughenhoupt, who plays trumpet, spotted it and the dialog ensued. I've played with both these guys in a jazz band. 

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  • Kurt W Slaughenhoupt I may or may not have been on both sides at some point!
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  • Kathy Tippett Henderson You were and may or may not have even known it at the time. Which of you 2 were playing with me at the capitol in Columbia, got totally lost for a full page or more, faking it? I think I mouthed to Keith, "I'm lost." Craig walked backwards, still playing and finally said, "Measure 23!"
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  • Kurt W Slaughenhoupt There is a certain look to somebody that is lost!!! Helpless.....and often quite colorful.......ahemmm\
  • Kathy Tippett Henderson Ahhhh yes. That deer in the headlights look. I know it well. I've been both too--the stunned deer and the high beams going wide open fortissimo!

My cousin , Waylan Goddin, is a wonderful pianist.  When I found this little cartoon video, we recognized ourselves. 

But then we went on to indict leaders who don't actually lead.

  • Waylan Goddin Well.... admittedly a little embellishment can go a long way but think about how many times someone says, "Just follow me" and then they do all they can to follow YOU... and you know, you gotta keep it flowing.... so the "battle" ensues! I'll follow ya, doggone it, but that means you gotta lead it! You know what I'm talking about. .. haha
  • Kathy Tippett Henderson I know exactly what you mean and instantly know I have to drive it. Worse than that singer though, is the person leading congregational singing who doesn't actually direct or lead. I really work with my students to teach them how to accompany. But for sure there has to be someone to FOLLOW! I miss you and hearing you play, cuz! Think we can block out some jam time in heaven?
  • Waylan Goddin Yes, for sure.... maybe we'll have our own family music room for endless fun... but I think we'll manage to work in a few more sessions here before we move on.. family gatherings/funerals, if nothing else 
  • Kathy Tippett Henderson Oh what a foretaste of glory divine.

That's the slipperly slope that transports accompanists to keyboard soloists. If you leave a hole, we tend to fill it!

Share your similar experiences in comments or on facebook.  We'll moan in unison!

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