Friday, June 13, 2014


There are two kinds of people in my life.  Those who infuse and those who drain.  Positive folks are fun to be with, filled with joy, peace, laughter, even when trouble comes their way.  Negative Nellies whine, complain and walk around with the mulligrubs no matter the situation.  Zig Ziglar has a suggestion about that.

True.  Sometimes it's hard to avoid them because they're family or friend.  So the best one can do is take them in small doses!  I find trying to lift them up doesn't work.  They enjoy misery.  I try being jovial myself.  It seems to make them even more sullen.  Not only do THEY avoid joy, they want to destroy yours!  My answer to that:

Real joy from the Lord takes time with Him. Spending less time with the joy stealers protects that.  If you're even wondering if you might be one of the gloomy ones, you probably are.  Try adding some sweetness to your sour disposition when life squeezes you.

This short but hilarious clip from Hee Haw has a blooper at the end.  These guys are actually the optimists posing as pessimists. One mispronounced word reveals their joy.  They infuse me!  

Now don't you feel resuckatated too?  

The cure for you gripers is just. . .

Until you do, don't call me.  I'll call you and don't sit by the phone.  Quit draining yourself and others around you.  In this life we WILL have troubles but how you handle them is your choice. Choose joy. God transforms us but we must have the spiritual discipline to renew our minds in His Word. . .daily. Try God's suggestion because it's true: as a man thinks in his heart, so IS HE! The battle is in the mind.  The choice is yours.

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