Friday, March 21, 2014


Some clever store signs make me laugh, like the lingerie shop called The Bra Patch or the aquarium store called Tanks a Lot.  They were cleverly designed to create chuckles.

However, I think these signs were not intended to make me smile, but I did!

On a California freeway: 
Fine for Littering

On the wall of a British Columbia cleaning service:
Able to Do the Worst Possible Job

In a New York jewelry store:
Genuine Faux Pearls

In a Kansas City Optometry shop:
Broken lenses duplicated here

Billboard on Florida highway:
If you can't read, we can help.

On a Lockhard, Texas gas station and minimart:
We're out of Rolaids, but we've got gas!
(OK so they MEANT to get a laugh on this one)

At the basketball court in the Gastonia, NC, YMCA:
Anyone found hanging from the rim will be suspended.

On a Rapid City store:
Give that bride a good case of worms or other fine bait.

On the door of an Ellsworth Maine restaurant:
The Indian Trading Post will be closed for Yom Kipper.

In a Grand Rapids restaurant:
Half baked chicken

In a Dayton barbershop:
During owner's vacation, a competent hairstylist will be here.

On a Jacksonville bookstore:
Rare, out of print and non-existent books

On a library in New Hampshire, honoring Robert Frost:
Frost Free Library

On the Triborough Bridge in New York:
In event of air attack, drive off bridge.

I just couldn't resist these last three!

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