Sunday, March 2, 2014


It's that time of year again.  For women in March, "Yay!  The Oscars!"  For men it's January, "Yay!  The Superbowl!"

No, not that Oscar. I may not
follow the sports arena but I confess to watching the Academy Awards. Sometimes I wonder why.  With all the glitz, glamour and extravagance on display, I often see the emptiness and futility.  Many of the so-called beautiful people live daily in very ugly lives.  Smiles for the camera meld into despair.  

This blog's focus is not to bash Hollywood.  That's too easy a target.  Instead I share another camera angle on my own life, far from that one.

*designer world--I'm blessed to live in a world fashioned by the Designer and original Creator.  Lord, give me eyes to behold the true beauty of nature surrounding me.

*red carpet--I walk!  That in itself is a gift I take for granted.  Lord, give me an appreciation for the wood, grass, carpet, even mud puddles beneath my feet.  Teach me to walk in beauty.

*footprints--I leave none at Grauman's Chinese Theater but my heritage gives me clear footprints to follow; godly parents taught me the Way.  Lord, as you walk with me, may my footprints in the sand leave clear tracts for others to follow You.

*hall of fame--My name may never be in lights but it's written in the Lamb's Book of Life in the eternal red ink Christ paid to put it there. Remind me, Lord, that this world is not my home but my name is written in Your hand permanently.  You know my name.

*awards and recognition--Strange but I just realized I've never had a single trophy.  I'm neither a jock nor a star. Sometimes I can be a bit of a diva but in my circles no honors are given for that.  Lord, You know me from the womb to the grave, the good and evil from within me, the very number of hairs on my head.   The greatest Being (You, God) paid the highest price (Jesus' death) for me.  Me!  I'm recognized and awarded eternity with You.  Keep my focus there on the mansion You're preparing specified for me!

Our back yard abounds with the fattest red cardinals I've ever seen. Doug feeds them daily.  

"Doug, you spoil the birds, you know!" I tease him.

"I know.  I'm their welfare system."

"Yeah, for sure.  Word's out in the bird world!"

He even catches the pesky squirrels raiding their seed.  He carries them away to a rural place.

But one day a male cardinal got caught in squirrel cage. The trap door slammed shut on him. Squawking and pecking merely exhausted our feathered friend. When Doug spotted him, he opened the door to release the frightened creature.

"He started pecking my hand instead of flying away." 

Sometimes free people have to be told they're free. Sometimes blessed people have to be reminded they're blessed.  It all depends on what channel you focus on.

Don't the trees seem nice and full?

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