Friday, November 1, 2013

JUST DO YOUR JOB! Rii-iiight!

"Kathy, I know you're only 12 but would you like a job at my beauty shop Saturdays as a receptionist?"

"Sure.  I think I'd be good at receptioning! What do I do?"

"Just answer the phone and say, 'Dottie's Beauty Salon'." 

So easy, even a child (me!) could do it.  I practiced my one line over and over.  

Saturday I was seated at the front desk, eager for the phone to ring.  Finally it did and I confidently chirped, "Hello. Bottie's Duty. . .uh, I mean. . .Dootie's Body. . .um, I-I mean Dottie's Beauty Salon!"  How can anyone blow three words?  

Confidence overshadowed competence.  But these pictures prove I'm not alone in having one job to do and doing it poorly.

Maybe this is the real meaning of a depressed job market!


  1. Thanks Kathy.... now I feel better....(((smiles)))

  2. Thanks Kathy needed something to make me laugh while recooperating!


    1. Jeez, you spelled recouperating wrong!!!!