Friday, November 15, 2013

AM I FLUSHED? (Potty Talk)

Now I readily admit to having extremely limited plumbing abilities.  My knowledge includes an O-ring but my skills end at plungers.  Doug is pretty handy as a plumber and we seldom, if ever, call on a professional.  These pictures of professional plumbers' work remind me why.

2013 Plumber Of The Year Awards

 How does this even get past the planning phase?

 This is why Doug says to measure twice.
 Apparently you don't want anyone seeing
your face, but everything else is okay?

 The oak seat is a nice touch though.

 And the purpose for the door is?

 This stall is for people with orangutan arms!

 This would be the "half bath" noted in real estate listings.

 Very classy!  Only three steps to your throne.
Hopefully you're not in a hurry.

 Here's the 1st Place winner!

That's enough potty talk for one blog!

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