Thursday, August 15, 2013


Words fascinate me. Language changes.  Try as we may to hang onto words and reject new ones, the slippery evolution of English glides on.

Even phrases morph.  A hard drive was what Daddy faced to take our family from Rhode Island to Grandma's house in North Carolina.  Now I moan when my hard drive crashes.  

One word that surely ranks high on the Who's Who of Words is love.  

Yet English is weak in truly expressing its various meanings. 

I love chocolate.  I love music. I love my family.  I love my friends. I love 24 (the show's coming back!)  I love watermelon. One word but describes six very different things in my life.

Original Greek in the Bible has several words for love, each expressing various emotions and commitments.  The highest love, agape, describes that selfless love God gives and expects from us.  

The Corinthian criteria list here is hard!

Sadly Americans, even Christians, sing and speak of love (even for God) but blur the lines into the cheap love of Hollywood. Confusion over the very word love leads into marriages that crumble under the weight.  Infatuation is unable to support true love.  

Here's a love poem making the valid point.


Paul's girl is rich and haughty.
My girl is poor as clay.
Paul's girl is young and pretty.
My girl looks like a bale of hay.

Paul's girl is smart and clever.
My girl is dumb but good.
Now would I trade my girl for Paul's?
You bet your life I would!

Unconditional love is as rare as eternal love.  Yet that kind of love is available to every human.  God loves us that way and gives us the ability to extend it to others.  When He is in us and loves others through us, we love beyond ourselves and our abilities.

God doesn't just love perfectly.  He IS love and He IS perfect.  What a loving God we serve!

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