Thursday, November 24, 2011


And I often do!  I forget where I left my keys or parked my car.  Senior moments are common these days.  Recently they reached an all time high. . .or low, depending on your vantage point.

Doug and I had a few days together last week in a condo at Myrtle Beach. During these fall and winter months we pretty much have the place to ourselves between weekends. 

We stayed on the 11th floor and basically saw no one except the resort workers.  

Our view from the balcony

"Doug, let's go to the jacuzzi after supper."

"Great idea.  Let me stop by the front desk to get something first.  I'll meet you there."

Knowing there were several outdoor pools and hot tubs, I added, "OK.  I'll wait for you at the indoor tub by the pool."

So I turned on the jets and slipped into the warm water.  It felt wonderful for about 10 minutes then it got lobster hot.  So I got out and swam a bit in the heated pool.  I toggled back and forth between the two for 40 minutes.  I kept wondering where Doug was. Finally I dried off, went to the lobby desk and asked for a room key, explaining, "I don't know where my husband went so I need another key please."

The young man pointed, "Here he comes."

Doug was wet and looked as exasperated as I did.  He'd waited for me most of that time in the OUTDOOR jacuzzi, then decided to return to our 11th floor condo in search of me. Only he took the wrong elevator and found himself in the South Tower on the wrong 11th floor. We stayed in the North Tower.  (I'll admit those elevators and floors do look alike, except for the room numbers!) Then he went to the lobby and asked the desk clerk if I'd been back there.  Doug didn't even realize there were indoor water features!

The mood was shot.  Had the whole blooming place to ourselves and lost each other! That was a first.

We laughed about it.  The next day.  I wrote my family about it.  The next week.

My niece, Christine, is my younger brother's daughter.  She wrote me about Ricky and Gwen sharing similar escapades this week:

Aunt K,

Just have a moment between grading tests and book reports, but I HAD to email this to you before I forgot. Your "senior moment" with Uncle Doug at the beach reminded me...

Last week, poor mom had a rough day. The five of us were in the car on the way to Chili's and she asked us, "Does anyone mind if we stop at Kohl's on the way back home? I bought some things there this afternoon and left one of my bags. I didn't realize it until I got home."

We consented, and she went on: "I also had to go to the grocery store twice today! I forgot to scan my MVP card, and it was $30 more than it should be. I went back and they gave me the cash for the difference."

Predictably, these confessions led right into a long tirade by dad teasing about how old and forgetful Mom was. She smiled like a good sport and took the heat as she usually does. Then she mentioned in passing, "I also need to go to Best Buy."

"Why?" I wondered out loud.

"I need to take back that movie Dad bought twice."

So the bad news is that they both may be in a fog of dementia, but at least they're lost in there together! :)


~     ~     ~
Another recent episode assures me that this forgetfulness is neither unique nor familial.  My Sunday school teacher, Ernestine, was about to start class with, "Ladies!  I need your attention.  I forgot to tell you something. Ladies!  Ladies!  I need to tell you something I forgot to mention."  She waited for the chatter to subside.

When all eyes were on her, she continued, "Oh shoot!  I forgot what I forgot!"

We know, Ernestine, we know.

Before I forget. . .HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Kathy, stuffed

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