Friday, February 25, 2011


"My goal for you is to enjoy music for a life time.  When you practice piano, you invest in that future.  I was a cheerleader in college but you know what?  No one asks this grandmother to cheer any more.  So all that practice is wasted."

That little speech to prospective piano students has spewed from me more times than I care to count.  Today it occurred to me that it's not totally true.  I DO still cheer.  It involves no uniform, ballgame or team though.

My phone rang yesterday.  Someone was facing a serious heart operation.  "I'll pray for you," I promised.  And I will.  The phone rang again today.  An old friend wept, telling me her daughter tried to commit suicide.  "There's Hope. . .named Jesus.  Don't give up.  I'll be praying."  And I am. I hung up and cried but also prayed.  Hard.  Within the same 24 hours I talked and hurt with a grieving widow and a young wife considering divorce.

My uniform: a moo moo
The stands: my sofa
My megaphone: a telephone or computer
The game:  life
Cheers: unrehearsed and unexpected
Cheering Coach: the Holy Spirit

But I have to be filled in order to be wrung out.  So my daily quiet time is my pre-game prep and is vital every day because I don't know the plays of the day coming my way.  He does.

Quit sitting in the stands and judging the game. You're light and salt!  Get outta' the shaker and into the soup of life! Sure, invite folks to church but remember you ARE the church!  Cheer the world into Jesus' arms!

Need inspiration?  Here's a true story you won't soon forget and a REAL coach who gets it!   .

Be of good cheer!
Kathy (former and present cheerleader)


  1. Carol Caine (my sweet sister-in-love, Doug's sis) emailed me:
    show details 9:41 AM (56 minutes ago)

    Thanks, Kathy, for the blog this week. Really spoke to my heart. Like you, I am a cheerleader. God has called me to that service. He speaks and leads through the Spirit and I obey. I, like you, when different ones ask me to pray,really do. It’s such a blessing to be God’s cheerleader!

    I like what you said about refueling. We all need time in the Word and alone with God to refill, refresh and renew!!

    Love you,

  2. "Cheerleader" describes you perfectly!!! I've definitely been the beneficiary of your encouragement--you are one of the few people I know who regularly asks me what you can pray for for me and many times stops right then (even over the phone) to do so.

    I love you! Moo Moo and all!!!! ;)

  3. Kimberly GraingerApril 2, 2011 at 6:54 PM

    Wow! How timely! I'm reading a powerful (read: convicting) book call "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World." It perfectly describes that balance between giving in service and sitting at the Master's feet. Amen, Mother o' Mine. Love u so!