Thursday, August 5, 2010


I don't know if it's a Baptist tradition or a Henderson thing but the only day of the week we nap is Sunday.

Doug was especially tired because he'd not slept well the night before. So I asked, "What time do you want me to wake you up?" He had three hours before church but assured me he'd not sleep that long.

"Well, you're tired, Honey. You might."

"OK. Wake me up at 4:30. We'll leave for church at quarter to 5."

My thirty minute nap ended and Doug was just getting started. So I puttered quietly for a couple of hours. He slept on until I crept in to wake him. His mouth was gaping as he snored, blending with the white noise streaming from the noise maker. I turned it off and the room was silent and quite dark. He still didn't move.

I hate to startle him awake. He looks so relaxed.

I leaned down about to kiss him awake. Suddenly he opened his eyes, stared straight into mine and screamed, like a girl! No, wait that might have been me because I screamed back! We scared each other into a yelling contest! It wasn't the gentle wake-up call I was going for.

On the way to church, our heart rates back to normal, I probed, "What in the world was THAT about?"

Laughing, he recalled, "Well, I was dreaming that I was driving and merging onto the interstate. I woke and suddenly there was a great big..."

"Hold it right there, Buddy," I interrupted. He needed forewarning. "The next word out of your mouth could be hazardous to your health."

Stammering, he finally spit out, "A-a gr-great big...NOTHING!" He thought he was safe.

"So I'm a big nothing? That's not good either, Doug!"

We laughed all the way to church. Later he explained that he saw my face and thought it was in his windshield and he'd hit me with the car!" All that mutual hollaring kinda felt like I'd been hit!

I found some nappers among our family so maybe it's a genetic trait we share. These go back 5 generations!

Sarah and Nana (me)
Doug & Kimberly
Kimberly going. . . going. . .

. . .GONE!
Doug & Kimberly
Kent & teddy bear
Ricky (almost gone)
Daddy (must have been a Sunday nap--notice dress shirt and tie!)
and his father, Papa Tippett

When you meet the love of your life, it begins with friendship. That grows into love and commitment. But you know, that friendship base is still the part of marriage I most cherish. Doug's my best friend. We laugh together, share life's ups and downs together, scream together!

He's my great big. . .
hearted FRIEND!

FACTOID: I read that the bullfrog is the only animal to never sleep. I guess when you kiss him and get your prince, they need naps!

Going gently into that dark night,


  1. This email exchange began with my brother, Ricky:

    Loved the blog this week, Sis. Years ago Dwight told me that he could not take naps, even on Sunday. I asked why and he said Cheryl wouldn’t let him. She would keep on pestering him about laying down and sleeping in the middle of the afternoon. I felt sorry for him. Some time later he referred to her as warden and his home became known as “The Rock.” Everyone should take a Sunday siesta.
    Had to laugh at poor Dwight's hard life on The Rock. Mama said her mother was like Cheryl--thought if she was up, everyone in the household should be! Mama was roused so many early mornings (including Saturdays) that even as a kid she vowed not to do that to her own. And she didn't. She recognized the need even for teens to sleep in during growth spurts. I'm glad I got her take on this and not Grandmother Henrietta's!

  2. There's just something peaceful about a person napping. Especially children-little angels. Love the one of Doug and Kimberly, so sweet. I guess it is a Henderson thing, cause we always take a nap on sunday. It's funny how some people are uptight about naps. My mother-in-law said her mother didn't like to take naps and didn't know why anyone needed a nap, it's funny, she once told her I bet you were a Scarlet O'Hara. (Love the picture of Doug on the bench with his sunglasses on ) looks good in that goatee! Good Blog! Carol

  3. Loved the story, and loved the napping pictures even more. :-)

  4. By the must be a "God" thing, because Jim and I noted recently that the only day we can nap without it affecting our nights adversly is on Sunday.