Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hendersons at Play '10

Last week 20 Hendersons gathered in Kinston, NC, where our son, Kent and his gracious wife, Mary, hosted our vacation week. Their kids, Sean, Caroline, Ryan and Sarah welcomed their cousins.

Kimberly and John traveled from Minneapolis, MN, with their 4 (J.D., Blake, Elizabeth and Benjamin.) Katy and Dave drove down from Canada with their 4 boys (Andrew, Caleb, David and Jordan.)

Turn up the volume, click bottom right to enlarge the screen and enjoy our family video!

One day later Katy called with, "Guess what! Our #5 is on the way! I'm due in March."

Better get my wall-stretcher ready for next summer!


  1. (From my younger brother:)

    Well, shoot! I come to work to spend some early time with the Lord this morning and I go to this blog site and find myself crying all the way thru the last half of the video!!

    Why should I be crying that you and your family are so blessed??? Shoot, anyway. I think it’s the IZ song, not the precious pictures and great memories you made and then shared with us.

    Best blog yet for me. That’s my footyprint for this one.

    Ricky Tippett

  2. Man, I sure would like a spoiler right about now! And to eat some whipped cream right out of the can!! You'd better not let it leak out when/where next year's Henderson's Family Vacation is, or you'll have some uninvited guests (and I'd be one of them)! :)

    My fav part was the beautiful tenor solo right in the middle. Good job, Benjamin!

    Love you guys!!

  3. kimberly graingerJuly 30, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    Uncle Ricky, you're in profound denial. Nostalgic memories of your Hawaiian vaca notwithstanding, you KNOW we were just having an awesome, fun week that you WISH you could've joined!! Hee-hee.
    Christine, we'll leave the cream out for ya'!
    Mom and Dad, you guys are the best! What a fun way for us to relive our great new memories!