Friday, December 26, 2014


As a mother I learned that our kids go through phases. Our baby girl was on an overdose of John Candy in her adolescent years.  Katy could quote and act the entire script of Uncle Buck. 

I can even identify with him in this scene, saying the exact thing you try desperately to avoid saying.

Katy gave equal memorization time to Chris Farley's motivational speech. How I wished she'd had the same propensity toward her homework.


I'll not say it had no merit.  Katy did finish college after all and did not end up living in a van down by the river.  I'd prefer to think Doug and I had more influence in her wise choices, but who actually knows.

Memory and merit aside, I do remember one very definite influence this 30 second scene from Uncle Buck had on our daughter.  Meet the toothpick guy.


It was Katy's birthday party, a sleepover, with girls giggling all night.  As I served them breakfast she decided to try the toothpick trick and show off a bit.  Something went wrong, terribly wrong. It broke and part of it went down her throat.  It got stuck there.  

"Doug!  Better come to the kitchen!  Katy has a toothpick stuck in her throat."

We wondered would it be better to go up or down.  We fed her some bread, forcing it down. I'd heard that worked with fish bones.  Only after it went down, we wondered if a piece of wood could pierce her stomach or intestines. Don't all parents wonder such things?  We called Poison Control.  They'd never had a call quite like this one! Finding no answers in their book of remedies, they suggested we take her to the Emergency Room.  

"Girls!  You all need to call your parents to come pick you up.  Now!"

"Awwww, Mrs. Henderson, can't we go to the ER with Katy?"

"Umm, no."

"Man! This was the coolest birthday party.  We'll never forget it!"

Neither will we.

Needless to say, it did no harm and the trouble soon passed.

Katy matured beautifully, leaving her comedians behind.  But I do remember when they both died, she grieved a little, asking, "Where are all my fat friends going?"  

Wrong.  They went very wrong.

Glad you went right, baby girl!

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