Friday, December 19, 2014


The title of this post might lead you to believe it's about dogs.  However, if you asked one of our piano students, they'll gladly explain both acronyms.

Every year we have a Christmas party at the house and our students play Christmas songs. It's our Finger Food Festival.  We had it on Monday and I heard from a few former students on Facebook, as they reminisced.

Before performances we talk about mistakes. "Never stop playing or draw attention to your error.  There are NO perfect musicians!"

"Even you, Mrs. Henderson?"

"Especially me!  Just FIDO. . .Forget It and Drive On.  When you do, you show PUP. . .Poise Under Pressure."

I teach many but I also learn from them. One former student, Amanda Coker, who is now married and in med school, wrote back saying she didn't get to play as often as she'd like to these days but added, "I still live by FIDO though."  She knew I'd understand.

Amanda years ago as a student is on the back row, last on the left.

I thought about that advice beyond music.  Amanda is right.  That's a pretty good life policy too.  So many folks get hung up on the past, a hurt, a failure, a loss.  They become stuck in grief, frustration or anger. Learning to let it go, forgive, drive on, frees us from our pain, mistakes or failures.  That's redemption and is why Christ came!  When we learn in life how to FIDO, we certainly show poise under pressure that only grace reveals.

Thank you, Amanda, for taking my little lesson and giving it back to me in a larger form.
More recently, Dr. Coker (also a pianist) and his daughter, Amanda. . .soon to be a doctor herself!

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