Thursday, November 27, 2014


My love for my grandkids, music and puns all come together here.
How do I pun thee?  Try to count the ways!

It's not always black and white but knowing your priorities is key. Please note my grandchildren come first in this blog post. That's a fact, hands down!  I love them more than trumpet players love themselves and that's a lot!

Music and humor tie for second but may be inverted at times. Music puns are the first sign of madness.  I could find myself in treble here but it all comes down to living life in one accord with my beliefs. To B# and not fall flat in life, timing is crucial. You can't beat learning early in life how to B natural!  

Sadly, I had a friend long ago who was a treble maker from the start.  He found himself under a rest because of the stress that marked his life. If he had known the Messiah, he could have handled it all better.  But he majored on minor things and lost his rhythm in life.  He needed to scale back on the racial slurs too.  

Not to harp, my main pitch is simple.  The best chord for life is Gsus.  If you sustain that relationship you'll be ready when He comes Bach. I may not be clef-er but this is my theory for life. You don't need a staff around you because people may not measure up.   

Resolve to love God first, family next and find your true passion!  

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