Thursday, October 30, 2014


My brother, Ricky, and I loved Halloween as kids.  Well, maybe we just loved candy. Back then we came home, dumped our goodies onto the floor and began the swap process.

"Oh! You got Reese Cups! I'll trade you an Almond Joy for it!"


By this age, Ricky grew out of it.

He grew up and out of it.  It took me a bit longer. Because I still love candy. Not an admirable thing for a diabetic to admit.  

College days in Nashville, TN


Oh but it gets worse.  My freshman year in college I volunteered to take some little kids around the neighborhood by our campus.  Their parents were friends and often asked me to babysit. Even went on vacation with them to take care of the children.

I thought, "If I'm going out anyway, I may as well get my own goodies."  But I knew I needed a costume.  Dorm room resources were limited. I spotted my pantyhose hanging on the bedpost. grabbed it and put it on my head, thinking I could pull it over my face to disguise me and my embarrassment!  

Now I needed a candy bag.  So I grabbed my pillowcase from the other end of my bed and dashed out the door. My roommates teased me about going Trick or Treating at age 18.  

UNTIL I got back to the dorm with my own private stash.! I love Halloween.


We enjoyed our own kids dressing up.  Kent, like me, enjoyed it way beyond childhood.  

After college graduation he was home with us, visiting one Halloween and got inspired to trick the kids as they came to the door. He dressed up like the Phantom of the Opera and pulled my keyboard to the picture window by our front door. Playing creepy organ music loudly, he ghoulishly scared the kids brave enough to ring our doorbell.

They peered at him playing and cowered as he left the bench to answer the door.  It took some brave kids to accept goodies from this disfigured musical genius.  Most trembled a bit, took the candy then dashed away.  

Except one little black boy, brown eyes sparkling. He watched the mad organist through the window and didn't flinch when Kent opened our front door.  "I'm not scared of you, Mister!" he chided.

Kent gave him candy then lunged, screaming at the poor child!  Brown eyes grew bigger as he involuntarily screamed back. He fell backwards, tumbling down three steps, terrified, but clutching his bag of sweets.  Kent gave his best menacing laugh as the child scrambled to his feet, ran toward the street, still declaring, "I'm not scared of you!" 

But he was.


One year, more recently, I forgot to buy candy.  Forgot it was even Halloween. Until the doorbell rang and I heard a muffled, "Trick or treat!"

Embarrassed once again, I quietly turned off all the lights (indoors and out), hid in the bedroom and watched TV with the volume very low, for several hours.

This year is different!  We'll be out at our friends' house.  We'll let them answer the door, while we watch TV loudly, in a well lit house!

Then again, THIS costume (video below) inspires me to go out one more time! Happy Halloween!


  1. Kathy Henderson
    10:23 PM (12 hours ago)

    to Ricky, Gwen
    You made my blog this week!

    Ricky Tippett
    10:56 AM (7 minutes ago)

    to me
    Hey, how about that. and I wasn’t even trying!

    This wasn’t about being adopted so I liked it a lot…. :-)

  2. Ricky Tippett
    10:56 AM (10 minutes ago)

    to me
    This was good! I remember some of that too.

    I will be at RU tonight so we will miss it….. but I still like JuJuBees. Hey, do a blog on JuJuBees sometime.
    Kathy here. I'm more into the Good and Plenty phase of life right now.