Friday, August 29, 2014


As a writer, I love words.  As a talker, I love words.  As a texter. . .not so much love there. I do it occasionally for those family and friends who are allergic to phone conversations or Face Time.  

I confess to even sliding down the slippery slope of shortcuts that slaughter the king's English. But I cringe when I do.  Does that make it forgivable?  In my heart, I truly want to preserve good grammar, rescue it from the current current, sweeping it away!

Facebook friends know how I love word plays.  They send me puns because I enjoy the subtle humor in twisting language.

Actually most of us communicate with others in the way they prefer.  Busy schedules, availability and lifestyle affect their choice.  Notice I didn't write effect they're choice.

Recently I took a Grammar Test. I missed one in ten and was ranked The Grammar Hammer.  I took it as a compliment.  Want to try the quiz yourself?

CLICK HERE for Do You Speak English?

Remember the What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) craze?  I submit a new version.  What Would Shakespeare Do (WWSD.)  

"To text, or not to text: that is the question." 

No one knows the answer.  I believe if he did, it would take him a very long time to send one, spelling out every word, adding all those -sts and -eths.

 "Wouldst thou careth to join me for a movie in a fortnight?"  

Even if he didn't text in old English, he'd be slow, careful to avoid the acronym and number landmines. Shakespeare would never:

cu b4 the movie  

Texting can be fun and funny too.

I'm not against texting.  I'm just more for knowing good grammar!  So is the job world and Weird Al Yankovic. Who knew? He nails my position in this song. 

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  1. The one with the hippie isnt very impressive, especially considering that the "peace" symbol is an Occult inverted broken cross.