Friday, April 18, 2014


Signs of the times are still everywhere.  Clever business owners know how to use puns to name and identify their stores and services.

We noticed this pet store sign near Kent's house while there Christmas. Our first ministry was here in Kinston, NC, at Bethel Free Will Baptist Church. Kent now ministers in music at Grace Fellowship in this same town where he was born. Doug took the shot and it launched this blog venture.

And led me on a hunt for more.

Someone spotted a rare double pun sign at this soup and salad place in Atlanta, GA.

I might trust my hair to a stylist creative enough to name a shop. . .

Washing cars or laundering money?

For you pet owners, here's one that makes house calls.

Homeowners might call on this business to add a deck.

I understand a single track is a downhill mountain bike term, 
so this shop in  Vail, CO, makes perfect sense.


My personal fav is this one, even if the photographer took a selfie in the process.

This baker gets a tip of my hat because his shop is in a city named Enmore.

Bet the hotdogs are great here.


  1. These signs are awesome! The puns make me want to go right where they are and see if they back them up with quality output! I especially liked the Mustard's Last Stand. Or maybe it's because I love hotdogs? Anyway, I love this pic collection! I think there are a lot more shops out there with "punny" names. I might take out a camera and take a shot of them too sometimes!

    Justin @ Crown Neon Signs

  2. Punny signs are splendid! Match them with the suitable graphics and designs, and they’ll surely thrive on the market. I really find that Lettuce Souprice brilliant and very catchy – the sound itself makes a promising hit.

    Gaston Ballbe @ Signs Unlimited

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