Friday, April 25, 2014


As a girl I loved to walk in the woods.  I played with neighborhood children in Uncie’s woods.  Returning years later, I was surprised to see it was actually just a few vacant, wooded lots!  Felt much bigger to me as a child. 

When visiting my grandparents, my cousins and I played in the woods near Moccasin Creek!  I was born with a fear of snakes and believe it to be a God-given trait.  After all the very word moccasin ends with SIN! So I always watched out for them.  

I only killed one.  A mother will do a lot to save her kids.  I rustled our toddlers into house then grabbed Doug's hoe and screamed with every chop on that snake's head as he writhed in our back yard. I observed a fascinating phenomenon after he was killed. Its body continued to twitch.  They say once the head is cut off, the body will move until sundown. Even though its head was crushed, rendering it powerless, that dead snake's writhing body was enough to keep me at a distance. 

Ever since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Satan has been a defeated foe. His head was crushed. As I seek to climb higher in my faith, service and knowledge of God, what I'm confronted with is merely the twitching of his defeated body. But sundown is coming! One day even the twitching body of that old Serpent, the Devil, will be destroyed.

In my walk, Satan, though defeated, twitches in my life in two 2 ways.  He gets me to focus on the past or the future.  Past failures, past pain, past regrets.  Future fears, future worries.  If I linger there, I lose the GIFT of the PRESENT.  I can only experience God in the NOW. 

If I refocus my mind, harness every thought and bring it into captivity, I am with the great I AM.  Fear, failure, worry all fade.  Learn your enemy.  Know his tactics.  

Barney Fife puts it this way.

God tells us to bring every thought into captivity.  Then refocus, give your attention to your Savior.

Gen. 3:15 is a capsule of the whole Bible: 

”And I will put enmity
    between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and hers;
 he will crush your head,
    and you will strike his heel.”

The death blow is to the head and was accomplished by Christ on the cross and as He rose from the grave.  When that defeated enemy writhes, my looking back will be to Calvary!

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