Friday, February 14, 2014


To iron or not to iron, there IS no question.  In our house.

My friend, Bev, recently said, "I've been ironing."

"What's that?" I chided.

I DO vaguely remember it.  Her husband, Leroy, even admired my deluxe-do-everything-digital, headlight included iron. Which I seldom use.  Life is ironic that you can afford things later in life that you actually needed more earlier in life.

Kent, our son, noted our upgrades. "Mom, when we were kids we slept on those knotty muslin sheets.  NOW since we left home, you use Egyptian cotton, 600 thread count and spoil us!"  

"Son, it's because you left home we can afford them now!"

Ironic.  Irony is the opposite of wrinkly.

I remember Grandma Tippett using this to sprinkle her clothes. Even Mama would dampen items to iron, roll them into a plastic bag to refrigerate.  Ironing was not just a chore back then but a process. Hence, it took a whole day. . .wash day was Mondays!  All day!
My tole paining remnant remains.
I  have Grandmother Strickland's cast iron iron.  I painted a lemon on it and used it for a doorstop for years. Now it's upgraded to bookshelf art! 

Lemons were among the fruits we learned in our tole painting class back in the '70's.  So I pretty much covered anything not moving in strawberries, apples, grapes, lemons and mice back then.  I'm noticing the irony in my mouse-painting landing on my pantry door. Oh my!  Hope that's not subliminally indicative.

Repurposing Grandma's iron from practical to art is my idea of progress.

Wrinkle free fabrics came along but sometimes lied.  Left too long in either the washer or dryer, wrinkle-free clothes morph into wrinkly. To avoid ironing I just toss them into the rinse cycle again and remember to sprint to the dryer while they're still damp.  A quick hand-press and a hanger remove any need to iron. And I even count my dash to the dryer as exercise. Modern women multitask!

I consider it success when I remember to get the clothes out of the washer before they mildew.  When my Monday wash days include a Wednesday, clothes stink and I have to start all over.  Pushing buttons twice in the same week!  Stink!

My favorite comedian, Brian Reagan, gets it!  You'll love his video below. 

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