Friday, January 17, 2014


Last week's blog was about me helping my friend, Phyllis, get organized. Today I'll tell about how she became my impromptu interior decorator.

She came early to teach piano and visit, as usual.  Sitting in my living room, talking about how often she rearranges furniture, I commented, "I never move my furniture around. . .don't even think to."

"You should."

That's when it began.  One of her many skills is arranging.  I love decorating but she knows how to bring it all together in harmony.

"Kat, you've got too many large pieces on that wall. . .too much space between sofas for conversation. . .coffee table here. . .chair there. . .wall and mantle  decor in 3's or 5's, not even numbers. . ."

That short, powerhouse woman was hoisting, lifting, hip-bumping furniture everywhere.  The only pieces she couldn't move were the two too big ones.  "Doug can move the curio cabinet to that other wall.  Just check with him first."

I didn't have to.  He walked in from golfing about then, gasped at his unrecognizable room as he tripped over the newly located sofa.  "WHAT IN THE WORLD?"

Know what I hate about Phyllis?  She thinks she's always right about her decorating ideas. Know what I love about Phyllis.  She is right.  Eventually even Doug came to agree.

So over the next few weekly visits, she gave the Phyllis touch to bedrooms, bathroom, music studio, even my kitchen counter.  She'd shop my house from one room and bring it to another.  I loved the less-is-more re-purposing things she did without spending a dime.  So did Doug!
"Push together these 2 end tables your dad made. Make them into one plant stand!"

"Group things in 3's."

"Don't try to hang something on every wall, Kat. Less is more."

"Use that cute box from your niece to prop up the lamp and clock."

Mix your grandmother's antique chair with a modern globe and clock."
"Bring in nature and various textures."

She even took Grandma's simple pitcher home with her for a few days.  She gave it the Phyllis touch.  It graduated from bedroom to our bay window.                     
 Recently she walked in, spotted it on display and bragged on herself, "That flower arrangement is beautiful!"

It is.  So is she.

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  1. Love my mom!! She missed her calling as an interior designer for sure!! Love this!