Friday, January 10, 2014


"Kathy, can you and Doug come over Sat. for lunch?" Phyllis invited.  Knowing that meant fresh veggies from Bobby's garden, I didn't even ask Doug.


The ham, cukes, tomatoes, squash, fried cornbread and cobbler with ice cream went beyond my expectations. Phyllis is a fabulous cook.  

We all have different gifts.  Mine is NOT cooking but I love to decorate and organize. Trudy is an excellent cook as is Bev, who seems to do it all beautifully.  I love my friends and appreciate their talents.

After dinner Phyl commented, "I need to clean out my closet. It's overwhelming. Can you help me get started sometime, Kat?"

Sometime turned into that very afternoon.  It began with every inch filled to over-flowing, floor to closet ceiling.  She'd hold up a white blouse and I'd ask, "Have you worn it in the last year?"

"No, but it was my sister, Peggy's, and one day I might. . ." 

"Phyllis, count them!  You have 7 white blouses!  In fact, if you wore a different outfit everyday this year, you'd still have not worn it all!"

It was obvious I had to shift gears from old friend to drill sergeant.  I began prying her fingers from hangers and forming three piles.  (I watch TV shows about organizing hoarders!)

This scenario could have wrecked a fragile friendship.  Ours was not fragile.  I paid for my delicious dinner over the next 4 hours but her closet looked fantastic by evening.  She was thrilled!  I was exhausted but happy for her.  Her daughter, Robin, called and thanked me, "Oh, Miss Kathy, we've been trying to get her to do that for years!  She's even on our church prayer list." (She has Bobby's sense of humor.)

The four of us crashed and watched a Hallmark movie over more dessert.  But the best part came after we left that night.  Phyllis started in on other rooms, closets, cabinets, eventually even tearing down walls and remodeling her already beautiful home.  She became the drill sergeant and Bobby her willing helper. 

"All we have left to do is the outside storage room!" she proclaimed a few weeks later.

Sometimes ya just need a jump-start.  And a good friend.

Next blog I'll tell you when we reversed roles and Phyllis took over at my house!

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