Friday, February 22, 2013


"Here it is!  Here it is!"  my little brother, Ricky squealed with delight.

I chimed in, laughing all the way, "Honk the horn, Daddy!"

Hurtling down the winding old I-40 during the '50's, Dad would lean on the horn of the blue Buick, as we entered the dark tunnel.  We rolled down our back windows.  The cool air coupled with the long, loud blast as it echoed throughout the tunnel.  Daddy turned on the car lights until we exited the other side.

Childhood thrills.  As kids we knew no fear there. We trusted Daddy.  But adult tunnels can be scary.

Today I have family and friends going through dark tunnels in life.  They don't know what waits on the other side.   Part of me wants answers or to rescue them from the narrow places they must pass.  Another part of me draws from childhood memories to connect dots in the darkness.

  • Daddy's in control and at the wheel.  Their heavenly Father will take them safely through this time.
  • The Buick headlights guided us.  God gives just enough light for our next step on the path He calls us to walk.
  • Horns blasts are louder in the tunnel.  As my loved ones praise God, their voices of faith ring unusually loud to others.
  • Open windows bring in fresh air.  Open hearts and lives feel the presence and peace from the Holy Spirit, even in the dark.
Tunnels.  We all go through dark places.  We choose to let God lead, shine His light on us, control the wheel of life.  We choose to either cower down in the back seat or to open our heart's window to the fresh wind of grace.  We can shout praise in the darkness, knowing our faith is active only when we can't see the outcome clearly.  

Tommy, I hear your resonant voice praise God, even in the chemo tunnel. Family, I see your quiet faith and peace while you wait to see the other side of your tunnel.  Jan, your trust, entering the tunnel of uncertain future plans, shines brightly. Larry, you reflect the Light every time you smile hello in your tunnel of uncertainty, encouraging those around you.

Honk those horns, saints!  You pave the way for us all.


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    Victor Caine:

    Thank you for sharing this, Kathy!
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    Evelyn Upright:

    Thanks Kathy, I remember that old tunnel on I-40, but more important I have been through dark tunnels in life and I know that He is there to see me through.
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  2. Lauren Sharpe
    This is so wonderfully true!!!!! Thank you, Mrs Kathy Tippett Henderson!! You are our prayer warrior and inspiration through this time!! We love you!!
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