Friday, November 2, 2012


Mama and I sat in the Raleigh courthouse years ago.  Ricky and Bert were taking care of business and we waited til they came back for her signature on some paperwork.  Daddy had died unexpectedly two days earlier.

Puzzled by it all, she asked, "Where are the boys?"

"They're with the lawyer, Mama, they'll be right back.  You still call them the boys.  You do know they're old men now, right?"

"Yes, but they'll always be the boys to me."

Just last week our son, Kent, said, "I'll call the girls this week."  I knew he meant his sisters. Although one is almost 40 and the other 34, they'll always be the girls.

Our phone will ring in two days and a deep bass voice will say to Doug, "Happy birthday, Bro!"  His twin, Don, always remembers their birthday!  They'll always be the twins.  Happy birthday to you both, old men.  (They're turning 65 and Doug will do so 5 minutes before Don.)

Simply for preserving Henderson history, I share pictures of the twins and family through the years.

Even as newborns, Doug's fat cheeks (R ) contrast to Don's angular face (L.)



  1. Loved the walk through family history! Happy Birthday to the twins!

  2. Happy Birthday to Doug. Treasure the family memories and love between the brothers. Brenda and John Bond

  3. look at all that hair!! Hope he had a vey happy day. Good to know you Doug.

  4. I didn't know Doug had a twin. Happy birthday to the twins!!

    Tricia Zeigler

  5. Thanks for the picture of my grandparents, Ossie Bell and Adolphus Henderson. I didn't have that one. Just Grace

  6. Thanks for the memories!