Thursday, July 5, 2012


The Miles family and ours have shared years of fun, friendship, music and laughter. Here's a sampling. But don't miss the special story after the pictures.


I answered my phone and noticed the call came from Peace Free Will Baptist Church.     

"Hello, Donnie!" I took a chance.

"Hi Miss Kathy. How are you?"

After amenities we got to the purpose of his call. "I need your help to surprise Trudy for her birthday." I was in! Plans were made. Doug and I would be included in their bed and breakfast get-away. Our kids gave us that as a Christmas gift so we decided the four of us would enjoy it together.

Trudy now teaches piano for me but back then she taught in our local Christian school. Donnie called the principal to make secret arrangements to intercept her day and whisk her away from the cafeteria on Friday.

Imagine her red face when I, her redneck chauffer, burst through the doors, shouting, "Mrs. Trudy Miles! Trudy Miles! Yer ride is a'waitin outside. I cum to pick ya up fer yer birthday!" She tried to avoid me. To send her into complete humiliation in front of her high school students, I sang Happy Birthday as loudly and nasally as possible. Finally she left with me, figuring that was her best escape from the madness invading her lunch break.

I delivered her to Donnie at church where he and Doug waited, suitcases all packed.  It was a memorable weekend.  It was almost as good as the trip we took to Mayberry (Mt. Airy) another year for Donnie's birthday.  Andy Griffith died this week but his memories live on!

              Abingdon Manor Bed and Breakfast, Latta, SC
               Take a peek at:

(As I toured around the site on the above link,  I found myself listed as a musician available under weddings then additional services!  Craig, your picture is there too!)

We really enjoy our friends getting older!


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  1. Kathy, this was so very precious...not sure I knew about it...was it this year? Well, she has always been our "Jolly" daughter...just think she will in the "Jolly 60's" one day...(hello Trudy...gotcha!!..)
    Never forget when Trudy wrote us to tell us she was falling in love with Donnie...a long story, but she was also falling more and more in love with Jesus in her freshman year at FWBBC...and the call of missions, especially in France! We were burdened for Trudy in the first semester because she seemed to be unhappy...and that was not like our 'joy bug" so with much prayer, daddy called her and asked her if she would like to consider taking off a semester and coming to Rennes, France and live the University dorm and work with our English Bible the same time taking french at the University!! Well the answer was overwhelming and she responded "yes"!. Came with Terry McCarty and did a good job witnessing and discipling women students. Wellll the love of her life, Donnie, came to France to visit her in the summer and proposed to her in a beautiful park close to our home...only thing, they stayed so long, that they closed the gates at the park and you can ask Donnie and Trudy for the rest of story!!! ha
    Thanks Kathy, for you and Doug's friendship with Donnie and means much to them!!! "Proud parents" of Trudy Miles and "In Laws" of Donnie Miles...Joe and Barbs Haas