Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is my back-to-school-unsolicited-advice blog.   

Educators, I suggest you become a pusher.  Get students hooked on something good, like phonics. The English language is not intended to be easy.  That's why you teach it nearly every year til graduation. 

Students, my advice to you is go ahead and learn the forty'leventeen rules in grammar.  They're just the gateway to memorizing the myriad of exceptions to follow.  The whole concept is cruel.  Why else would the word phonics begin with ph?  Or the word lisp guarantee mispronunciation if you have a lisp!  Just cruel!
Our 3 college grads.  Kent just finished his master's!   Still weird, comedic kids.

Mothers, don't let your kids grow up to be comedians.  Because they probably won't be nearly as funny as my favorite, Brian Reagan.  Enjoy his video tirade and academic childhood scars.  It will be the funniest 3 minutes of your day, guaranteed.  It'll also guarantee you're involvement in there education! (Yes, I meant to do that.)


  1. Enjoyed so much!

    Miss you.

    Kaye Singleton ♪1♥

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Gay Nossal Wells facebook commented on your link.
    Gay wrote:

    "Thanks for the laugh!!"

  3. Jenny CJ Bullock Pannkuk

    Mrs. Henderson, I have read the book, The Help, so I have an idea which scene you may be referring to!!! ;-) I can't wait to see this! I hear that I may need to take some tissues too! Loved your blog on Friday, as always!!!
    15 minutes ago ·