Thursday, August 18, 2011


Growing up I never was cool or part of the in-crowd. Strangely enough I wasn't all that impressed with them either.  Not that I didn't want to belong.  I did. Just not with the cool kids.  We had a tight youth group at church and from that close unit, many went on to succeed in life for the Lord and we remain friends.

Photographic proof of my UNcoolness:

 Tho' I had aspirations and tried. . .

Our children were much cooler.  Or at least they thought they were.  


Or not. . .

Kent could actually be both. . .

. . .simultaneously!

Belonging is a natural desire and part of being human.   When life is good and as it should be, family and friends provide that.   Values are at the core of that magnet.   When folks lack basic values, most anything will draw them into a cohesive group.  
Here are 10 examples from Readers' Digest of actual Facebook groups.  No thought is too random, no grievance too petty to keep folks from organizing a group.  Sadly, these easy-to-join virtual groups require no real relationship and often replace real face-to-face conversation or time.

1. Students Against Backpacks With Wheels

2. When I Was Your Age Pluto Was a Planet

3. People Who Always Have to Spell Their Names for Other People

4. No, I Don't Care if I Die at 12  A.M., I Refuse to Pass on Your Chain Letter

5. Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Crocs

6. I Seriously Want to Punch Slow-Walking People in the Back of the Head

7. I Don't Care if the Spider is Not Hurting Anyone, I Want it Dead

8. I am Fluent in Three Languages:  English, Sarcasm, and Profanity

9. I Will Carry 20 Grocery Bags So I Don't Have to Make Another Trip

10. An Arbitrary Number of People Demanding That Some Sort of Action Be Taken

Most of these are funny but I might actually consider joining #7 because I'm a hater of spiders.  Here's a 20 second reason I'd not be alone in the group:

Might be wise if every week we take a day off and unplug from technology.  Spend that time in actual eye contact with someone we love.   Swap hours with facebook friends for actual face time with friends.

If a man would have friends, he must show himself friendly.
~ ~ ~
I went outside to find a friend and could not find one there.
I went outside to be a friend and friends were everywhere!

Why are you sitting here still reading this blog?  Go outside!  Be a friend!  Go kiss your wife, hug your hubby, take a friend out to lunch!

Apparently Toby Keith wasn't cool either but found his own way around it.


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