Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Rest of the Story

A couple of weeks back I shared a dialog from our kids' childhood, about New Year's resolutions in a blog entitled "Oops!" You can scroll down three blogs to read it or click below, to get the back story here.


"How was children's church today? " I asked our young kids on a crisp, January Sunday.

"Fine," Kimberly and Kent piped in unison.

I probed with a more open ended approach, "What did you learn?"

Without hesitation Kimberly announced, "We learned about New Year's revolutions."

Our smiles prompted Kent to offer, "I think it's called New Year's revelations, Kimberly."

Not to be outdone by her younger brother, she concluded, "No, you're wrong, Kent. I remember now. It was New Year's reservations!"


Mistakes are not limited to children...
(prophetic words)

BACK TO THE PRESENT: With that apparently on his mind, Doug mentioned New Year's resolutions to our congregation that first Sunday morning in January. But his tangue got tunguled and he couldn't get the word right. He looks over at me and laughs because we both know why. Then he tells the congregation our inside joke. Turn up your speakers and look at the effect of our two kids nearly 30 years after they spoke!

Then moments later, our pastor, Dr. Mike Gay, stumbled over the same word in his opening sermon illustration, the 10 most commonly made resolutions. Second video below:

Thanks, Kimberly and Kent! Never let it be said you don't listen in church. Your influence lives on!




  1. I know, Jody. It cracked up the whole congregation, esp. when Pastor Mike got caught up in it! I ALWAYS have to think now before actually getting it right.

  2. Dog. You do something goofy as a kid, some 30-odd years ago and family never lets you live it down! Guess my kids had better prepare for our razzing them, their whole lives long. :-)
    Too fun, Ma! So sorry, Dad!
    Dad, for you, John, and J.D., we offer a heart-felt apology. You normal folks have a rough go of it, living around us "otters."