Thursday, January 14, 2010


Recently I scurried to church one Sunday morning. I ran through my checklist as I slipped into the car.

Coffee? Check.
Bible? Check.
Music? Check.

The one thing I neglected was the one thing I needed most--quality, quiet time with the Lord.

But it's Sunday, Lord! You know how busy we are for You today. Just speak to me on the way.

Yes, it IS Sunday, Kathy, My day, the one day I asked you to set aside for ME...not busyness FOR Me.

Lord, I did read Anne Graham Lotz's email devotion.

That's good. You spent time with Anne who had spent time with Me. But that's not My voice to you.

Then on the 7 minute drive to church I heard a sermon. Not on the radio but in my heart. The Holy Spirit did the preaching. If you call stomping my toes preaching.

The text that came to mind was the feeding of the 5,000. My thoughts intermingled with His and seemed random so I'll share them with you as they came to me. Later the pieces came together and fit. Me.

That little boy's mother baked him fresh bread for the day, enough to nourish him for a little while. I had fresh Bread for you too, Kathy, but you chose instead to gobble down a heavenly crouton! Anne's old bread. In a quick, stale bite.
That child's mother knew what he'd need for his day and he obeyed her by taking it with him. I know what your day holds too but you're not ready.

Then I remembered what I'd actually read by Anne. It hit me hard on my harder head!

Receiving His Resources

John 6:3, NIV

Jesus went up on a mountainside and sat down with His disciples. As Jesus and His disciples rested together on the mountainside, we have the beautiful picture of the Good Shepherd, making His sheep lie down in green pastures, leading them beside the still waters, that He might restore them on the inside. Jesus knew the demands that would be made on the disciples and Himself that very day, and He knew in order to meet those demands, they had to have some time alone together.

Again and again, I have been amazed to discover that the verse of Scripture or thought or insight that God seems to give me in my early morning quiet time with Him is the very same verse or insight or thought I am called on to give to someone else during the day. Many times I have wondered how I would have been able to speak a "word that sustains the weary," had I not first received it for myself in those brief, early morning retreats. Jesus offers us ample resources, but we have to receive them from Him in order to impart them to others.

Wow! Lord, I didn't even digest the crust bite, did I?

And I'm supposed to lead people in worship? I'm so sorry.

I forgive you.

My mind then went to our daughter, Kimberly. She'd phoned us the day before, "Mom, I woke up this morning with a song on my mind, Jesus Took My Burdens All Away. He's used that song so many times to help me through hard times. But today I thought, 'Lord, what burden? I don't have one.' But He knew I was about to. He was getting me ready. I'm so glad I spent time with Him."

"What's wrong, Honey?" I asked.

"It looks like we could lose our house." Foreclosure. But she was at peace. Her peace was not morsel size but sumptuous. Doug and I told her how proud we were of her and John's walk with the Lord. Her daddy then prayed with her over the phone, moving us all to tears.

Back to my mental car-sermon on the drive to church: That little boy's bread went with Him and Jesus used it to nourish way beyond his mother's plans and his little expectations for the day.

Lord, I'm so ashamed. What if someone needs a word from You today and I'm the one to deliver?

After the praise team practiced, we formed our usual circle to pray.

But I confessed and shared my thoughts with them right there on stage. Heads nodded. We've all chosen to munch croutons instead of sit and feast at His banquet table. And we've been spiritually anemic on fast food. Or spiritually anorexic on none!
Then one of our singers, a beautiful teen, Katie, shared, "Mrs. Henderson, last night a schoolmate of mine died in a traffic accident. Her brother was driving and they were all thrown from the car...I've been able to talk to friends about God who would not usually listen...this brought death home. We don't think it can happen to us!"

And a child shall lead them.

Thank you, little boy, for sharing your loaves and fish.
Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing by example, in the face of real loss.
Thank you, Katie, for sharing beyond the music, to broken hearts around you.

The Word of God for the people of God.

Join me 'round God's table so we'll get His full, daily



  1. Wow, Mama- powerful stuff! God's still nourishing us on His rich, bountiful sustenance, and we rest in His care. He already knows the "rest of the story," too, doesn't He? (Take that, Paul Harvey.)
    My takeaway truth: we're all renters here on earth. In this trial, we're gaining heavenly building materials, so hallelujah! Our kids watch us, as we watched you, and we want to point them to our Provider. He is good. All the time.

  2. Well, I Martha (ahem, I mean Christine) needed that one! I get so busy rushing around "doing" for Him that I neglect "being" with Him. And there is no comparison...

    Thanks for the reminder!