Thursday, May 19, 2016


I came home crying last night after our 47th anniversary evening out.  But let me back up and tell the story from our delicious meal at Victor's.

It was getting dark but we decided to stop by Ross' where Doug dropped me off while he went into Starbucks for a couple of pounds of coffee. When he returned for me, I noticed a man in a heavy camouflage jacket bent over the trash can, searching for food. "Hon, let's pop into Hardees right here and get him something."  

Doug rolled down the car window first and asked the man, "You hungry?"

"Yes sir."

"Wait right here.  We'll bring you some food."

Circling back with a big bag of food and a large drink, we found him waiting.  This time I rolled down my window to hand it to him.  What unfolded from there was not planned. Not by me at least.

"What's your name?"


Handing him the food, I said, "May I pray for you?"  He nodded.  His dirty hand rested on my window casing.  I touched his hand and he bowed his head too.  "Dear Lord. You created David and know everything about him.  Please let him know how much You love him.  Show Him in ways he can feel.  He's hungry so as this food fills his stomach, I pray You will fill his heart with Your love.  He needs You in his heart and life.  Bring him to You. Amen."

He quietly muttered, "Amen.  Thank you."

Then we noticed a car on Doug's side and a lady smiling from her open window, "Looks like we had the same idea."  She held up two bags of food and another drink.  David shuffled over to her car.  I heard her say, "God bless you" as he took the food.

We pulled away then I said, "Doug, can you pull back?  I need to tell him something." We did.

"David, what you just saw happen was an answer to the prayer moments ago.  God IS loving you and showing you just how much."

He looked startled then dumb-founded.  Covering his dirty coat now was arms full with 3 bags of food and 2 drinks.  He juggled, trying to balance it all, looking down at all that food. Minutes before, he'd been rummaging in the garbage for scraps. 

Tears in his eyes (and mine) he said, "Maybe I got someone else's food.  Some of this might be theirs."

"No, David. There's no mix up.  God used that lady to show you how much He loves you."

This time he looked up into the dark night and once again muttered, "Thank You."

I came home crying last night.  I came home praying too.

It was a good anniversary.

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