Thursday, July 10, 2014

SURPRISE PLANS (Pictures and a video included)

Hello. My name is Kathy and I'm a planner.  Confession done!  Yes, I've even been accused of being overly organized.  But that usually comes from someone totally NOT organized.  So it doesn't count.

God's teaching me about planning.  Yes, it's good to plan your work and work your plan but I'm learning to let it be HIS plan.  It's not just in life but a daily, moment-by-moment thing.

Consider it pure joy...
My learning process is. . .well, a process. . .ongoing.  But seems to come down to two words:

When I love someone or something, I grip tightly.  God's teaching me to hold loosely.  It's His. Yes, even my precious family.  We make vacation or travel plans.  

He says, "I'll be with you in the hospital waiting room."  And He is!  Flexibility.

The second word?

List-making for me is almost art!  You should see my plan sheet for vacation week with the clan.  It's way beyond menu and events.  It's color coded for certain days, people, activities. Gives me the illusion of control.  

He says, "I know the plans I have for you. . ." And they ARE good, even better than mine! Colorful sunsets (I usually miss the sunrises, but my daughter-in-law, Mary, soaks them up), brilliantly colored fresh fruits, veggies and flowers designed by God Himself.  

Never thought of Woody Allen as a theologian but he agrees with my discovery.

So as I plan the day, summer vaca or whatever, I try to remain flexible and let God have control.  Looking back over recent times, I see what an amazing job He's done when I just

Here are a few UNplanned treasures that came my way.

As I post this blog, our little baby James (above) is sleeping in a hospital room in 

Toronto. He's now 7 1/2 months old.   Tomorrow at 9 AM he faces his 4th brain surgery.  

It is urgent, unexpected, unplanned.   We rest in God's hands and trust His plan.

Alex Kendrick (movie maker--Facing the Giants, Courageous, Fireproof)
crashed our girl cruise. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Doug surprised me with this anniversary joy ride!  God does that a lot too, if I LET Him!


  1. Our baby James' doctor said if he survives the next 48 hours after surgery, he'll be cured. We are almost half way there. God, help us.

    In His Grip,
    Kathy and family

  2. Our baby James' doctor said if he survives 48 hours after surgery, he'll be cured. We wait and pray. We're almost halfway there!
    In His Grip of Grace,
    Kathy and family

  3. He's cured! Praise God! No more surgeries. Our little miracle child has been made whole.

  4. praise GOD, he is always there for us. Like all your family we"re so blessed 2 have a prayer life that just makes sense because he does answer prayers. What a wonderful GOD we have