Friday, July 12, 2013


"You're borderline crazy!"

Ever wonder what that borderline part means?  For sure, we all have crazy moments.  I had one last week on July 3 as we crossed the actual border between Canada and America. 

We've done so many times visiting our daughter, Katy, and family.  Her husband, Dave, had always driven us to and from the Detroit airport.  This was our first time driving the whole trip.  Doug did all the driving and entering Canada was easy.  A week later as he drove us to the border back into America, it began.  

I learned many things:

Bearing left instead of right can cost you 30 minutes and a car search.

If we make that error again, we could end up on the watch-list, even be fined $5,000.

Border patrol agents enjoy their power.

The officers have no sense of humor.

The waiting room with 8 officers is filled with other drivers trying to figure out what went wrong.

Nexus (flashing signs) do not mean a car brand. Oh wait!  That's Lexus!

Bomb sniffing dogs are kept in small cages until needed.

Guards searched every fluid under our hood, but not our trunk.  Go figure. My friend, Weston, later chided, "Sure you weren't at Jiffy Lube?"

While 7 out of 8 guards do not smile, you might get one from the 8th if you mention Santa.  It became my goal to break him down.

"Did you bring any gifts back?"

"No, sir.  We only took gifts to our grandchildren."

"They didn't give you any?"

"We're Santa to them and since our pregnant daughter can't come home Christmas, we came bearing gifts."

"So. . .it's Christmas in July, huh?"

"Until now."

A gentle smile broke on the guard's face.  I grinned back. . .a big grin.  I WON!
L-R Andrew, Caleb, David, Dave, baby Kate, Jordan, Katy

We celebrated Canada Day then enjoyed fireworks!  Back home we celebrated our Independence Day.  Family is worth the borderline craziness!