Friday, January 11, 2013


Halfway through telling an old family story, I might ask the bored faces in the room, "Have I told you this one before?"  Eyes roll as they hold up 8 fingers.  It seldom stops me.  

At our Christmas family gathering Doug started telling about one Sunday morning when his dad, Paw Paw, was getting dressed for church.  Kent suddenly exclaimed, "I've NEVER heard this story!  I can't believe there's one we've not heard before."

Doug shared this in a past blog but here's a recap then 2 more stories!  He continued, "Mama was still asleep so Paw Paw dressed in the dark.  He'd go to church early to review his sermon.  He reached into the dresser, felt the silk handkerchief, tucked it into his coat pocket and tiptoed quietly out of their bedroom.

Dad preached hard and often worked up a sweat.  This day was no different so midway through his message, he reached into his pocket, as usual, for his handkerchief.  As he lifted it to wipe his brow, he shook it open and realized (as did the congregation) that it was a pair of Mama's underwear!  Now she was not a small woman.

The sermon was over at that moment, though Dad kept on preaching!"

The conversation led to other preacher stories, some familiar, others not.  A college friend was preaching about Noah in the ark.  He came to the part where Noah opened the window to see if there was dry land.  He spoke with fervor, "So Noah flung open the window to take a. . ."  He was torn between two words: peek or look.  But what came from his mouth was, "Noah flung open the window to take a leak!"  That sermon ended early too, though church service did not.

Another friend was preaching.  Point one was heaven, point two on hell and he began with an illustration.  Sidetracked in his story telling, he thought out loud, "Now where was I?  Oh! Hell!"  That sermon and service continued with rapt attention.

~   ~   ~
Sometimes the moment is actually caught on video these days.  I don't know this young preacher but feel his pain!
I bet Lot wished he'd never "pitched his tent" near Sodom and this guy wished he'd never preached on it!

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  1. You have a wonderful sense of humour. Thank you.

    God bless.