Friday, October 12, 2012


Ever have sleepless nights?  Insomnia!  Even worse are those nights I sleep a couple of hours only to wake up, unable to finish my night's sleep.  

One night this week I woke up and my mind began churning out ideas, ways to work out something in the future I'd like to see happen.  I lost several hours sleep before letting it go into God's hands.  Then the next morning my devotions took me to the very same realization that I'd experienced. 

When I think of worship, several ways come to mind.
  • praying 
  • singing
  • giving (time or talents)
  • praise and thanksgiving
The Lord is teaching me another way to honor Him.  It's not in my nature to do this nor is it easy. 
  • resting
Not in the Sunday afternoon nap sense, though I love that!   My devotional next morning said that resting in Christ is true worship too.  It didn't feel like worship at 2:00 AM!

Here's a secret about me that few know.  Until now.  I talk to myself. Sometimes I talk aloud to God too while on the hoof around the house.  Not when folks are around.  Some would say I'm crazy.  Another theory I've heard (and prefer) is that very intelligent people talk aloud to themselves to work things out.  My midnight to 2:00 AM conversation with God went something like this.

Lord, I'm just trying to work all this out.

Kathy, I know the plans I have for you.

I just can't understand how.

Lean not to your own understanding.

But, Lord, you know I'm a planner and need to know which direction to take things.

I'll guide your steps, tell you when to turn left, when to turn right.

I'm struggling.

Yes, I know.  Try resting.

I know, Lord!  Now even that's part of my concern.  I need  sleep!  Church is in the morning and I want to be rested for worship.

I didn't say sleep.  I mean try resting in ME.  Trust me to work out the plans, my plans for you. Resting is worship too.

Wow!  I let it go, found peace (without answers), sleep (without fretting), and renewed faith (without planning future details.)  All in Him.  I encountered God, Who never slumbers nor sleeps.  My light bulb moment freed me to turn out the lights and sleep peacefully.

Maybe my purest sacrifice of worship is in silence, just quietly waiting. . .resting. . .in God to manage life's details.  He handles the universe majestically.  I'm sure He can take care of me and my petty problems.

As humans it's natural to struggle and stress over problems. Choosing to rest and trust Christ is supernatural.  But that's exactly why it's so vital in order to stop the downward spiral.  

Sleepness nights can happen to anyone over most anything, big or little.  Worry doesn't prevent problems.  It prevents prayer.  Next time it robs you of sleep or peace, I hope your light bulb moment comes more quickly than mine. He's on call 24-7.

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