Monday, February 6, 2012

NYC Trip in Pictures

Last weekend (as you read in Friday's blog) I went to New York for
  • WICKED (wonderful musical!)
  • BROOKLYN TABERNACLE (excellent music, worship & sermon by Rev. Jim Cymbala)
  • CARNEGIE HALL (My reason for going--to hear my student, 14 year old Gabe Smallwood's winning composition for orchestra & chorus premiered)
Be sure to hear the video clip at the end here

My most gracious host and Gabe's musical mentor, Ivy Spera opened her home and heart to me. And she opened doors for my Gabe!

We ate, laughed, talked, ate, played piano, sang, ate, walked, went sight-seeing, and cried together at Wicked.

I couldn't muster a whistle at Carnegie so I clapped, cheered and cried some more.

This creature walked down the street. I ended up getting a hug from him!

This was nighttime but the lights of Time Square made it seem like day.



In the program I turned first to Gabe's page and was shocked to see he honored me by claiming me as his piano teacher!

Gabe's family

Looks like JayZ follows Gabe! I'll pass on that.

You can see the Statue of Liberty here from our subway as we cross Brooklyn Bridge.

Dog with Kat at Starbucks. . .of course!
Video Clip of Gabe's music performed at Carnegie Hall yesterday:

Just scroll down to read Gabe's back story in last week's blog.

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  1. Mary Henderson (My daughter-in-law)emailed
    7:00 AM (3 hours ago)to me:

    Wow, what an amazing time it looks like you had! Can't wait to hear more! I asked Dad yesterday have your feet touched the ground yet...I imagine not!

    Love you,