Friday, December 23, 2011


Do we enjoy the gifts more than the giver?   They are an expression of love and our appreciation for them should ricochet love back to the craftsman.  In human relationships we're careful to thank each other.

How would Doug feel watching his kids receive his wood-working gift but never express love or appreciation directly to him?   

Our kids express appreciation BOTH for Doug and his gifts. Here are his '11 creations.
Jewelry boxes for the ladies

And for the guys' desks, their names in cedar, oak and walnut
Mama made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake and the best chicken gravy ever.  It expressed her love.  But when arthritis and a stroke took away her ability to cook, I loved her still.

At Christmas our thoughts turn to gifts and especially the greatest Gift of God to us, His Son.  It's easy to sometimes love the creation more than the Creator.

Likewise, our spiritual gifts and talents should reflect our love for the One Who gave them to us.  Do I love the music more than Him on Sunday morning?  Teaching, preaching, church work can become performance traps without eternal reward.  "You have your reward."  

Love the Giver more than the gift.  Whether giving or receiving, it's about the relationship not stuff.

Celebrate Him!

(See more of Doug's beautiful woodwork below in last week's blog, a rerun from '09.)


  1. Amazing man. I'm too jealous to say anything but "amazing." I change light bulbs, pretty good at fixin things with a screw driver or pliers. That about covers my craftmanship. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. What a good reminder for Christmas and all year long!

  3. Dorothy Phillips was my pastor's wife while I was in high school. She's a published writer too.

    Kathy, I enjoyed everything you shared. I loved Doug's nativity scene. Great talent in that family. Love you. Dot Phillips