Thursday, December 23, 2010


The parties were over.  The stockings were hung by the chimney with care and we were headed to bed on a cold winter's night.
                                                  (Enjoy feeding our Christmas fish here for your entertainment!)---->

The crisp Virginia air only added to our Christmas anticipation.  Maybe we'd actually get a white one this year.  This was the furthest north we'd lived so to us five Hendersons it was as Currier and Ives as it gets.

From fall season. . .
. . .and into winter!                                                                          

We even strung popcorn into a 20 foot garland to deck the tree.  The living room looked like an old-fashioned Christmas card.  Of course these were my Williamsburg blue, dotted-swiss and geese years.  What WAS I thinking?

Nestled in bed, I awoke to a bitter breeze through our upstairs bedroom.  The house was dark and quiet as I tiptoed downstairs to check the thermostat.  I hope we don't have heat pump problems.  Every step took me and the temperature lower until I saw the front door standing wide open.  The cold wind whipped at my gown as I gathered it in my hands.
Next day view after the storm blew in
Staircase another day with Katy

As I rounded the landing, I reached to close the front door.  Suddenly I spotted two red eyes peering at me beside the Christmas tree!  I froze.  So did he.  Staredown in blackness!  Finally he blinked and the huge body came rushing towards me.  I screamed and felt him brush right past me out the still gaping door!  My heart raced as I realized it was our golden retriever, Honey.   Apparently we failed to secure the door and the storm blew it open.  The dog took it as an invitation.

I shut and locked the door, checking it three times, then turned on the living room light.   The Christmas tree looked strange.  What's missing?  HALF OUR POPCORN GARLAND!  That stupid dog had eaten his way around the tree as high as his mangy head could reach, enjoying a midnight snack.  Hours of family labor now digested in his round belly!  Retrievers retrieve!                                                                                                                                                                    

Honey, feeling slightly guilty. . .
. . .but quite satisfied
The wind.  My scream.  The door closing.  The lights on.  My brave husband, my hero, slept through it all.  Who says a dog is man's best friend?!

At least it wasn't the kids who did it. . .                           

. . .or worse yet, if we'd had a cat!

When you try out new Christmas recipes this year, let me advise you. . . HONEY and POPCORN are not a good mix!

Like my Doug, sleep in heavenly peace,


  1. (my niece) Christine Ellis to me
    show details 12:34 AM (6 minutes ago)

    Funny blog! I had never heard that one! And I enjoyed the pics from the house in Virginia—good memories.

    It made me think of Laura Snider’s “Poopin a String” story from her days at the Academy…she had me in tears when she told us that one.

    Won’t be long now! Can’t wait to hug your neck!

    I remember that "yarn" of Laura's. She can spin one and keep you in stitches. Guess I'll sew it up with the puns!

    See you Wed.

    Aunt Kathy

  2. From my friendly editorial assistant, who told me where the fishing hole was!


    Loved the blog. Just reading it sent shivers up my spine and all over! Brrrrr!

    Love the fish. I like the way you colored them. Cool.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Marilyn Pritchard

  3. From my sister-in-law:

    Paula Henderson Gilbert commented on your link.
    Paula wrote:

    "Enjoyed Kat's Pause today, love the new pictures of you!!"

  4. Jody Horton Abernathy posted on your Wall.

    Jody wrote:

    "Just now had a chance to read your blog link. HILARIOUS. I can just hear him singing it now...;)"

  5. (Kimberly, posting from Mom's computer)
    Awww, I miss Honey! What a sweet dog. Great memories of our VA years.