Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is a follow up story from last week's blog, SHOPPING CONTESTS.  (This will make more sense if you scroll down and read it first.)  My niece, Christine Tippett Ellis, wrote this letter to me after reading and relating to our shopping adventures.

Hey Aunt Kathy!

Loved the shopping blog! I think I got that gene, too. In fact, I just had to share a recent shopping story…

Claire and I were at “Macy’s” a few days after coming back to the States (which to our church ladies in Honduras is code word for “Goodwill”! haha).
 I found some nice, sensible brown shoes for her at just $2.49 

Then, Claire found some that SHE liked…since they were just $2.49, I conceded, even though they were horribly gaudy with sparkles, loud colors, and bling. I thought she could just wear them for playing around the house and keep her “good tennis shoes” looking nicer. As if they weren’t gaudy enough, I discovered when we got to the car, that they light up, too!

After a few weeks, I started seeing those same gaudy tennis shoes on little girls all over town! Come to find out, they are the latest fad! A friend told me her daughter begged for “Sketchers Twinkle Toes,” as they are called, for weeks and finally got some for her birthday—for $40!!!  When that little girl saw Claire’s she said, “Wow! You have Twinkle Toes, too! And yours light up! Those are $10 more!”

So Claire is walking around with fancy tennis shoes, due to two Tippett genes she inherited (the one for sniffing out bargains, and the one attracted to shiny objects!)
I thought you’d enjoy seeing our finds…

Love ya,
Read more about Claire on her mother's blog:


  1. Loved the background you used for these pics of Claire. My favorite spot for granddaughters! Love, Dad

  2. Atta girl! We believe bargain shopping is a competitive sport.
    Love to go Goodwill shopping w/you sometime...