Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ever hear about powers of observation? Well, apparently Doug and I are afflicted with the opposite. We can miss the most obvious and even trip over it!

One night supperclub met at our house. The ladies were in the kitchen and several men gathered in our foyer, when I heard Pastor Mike call me over, "Hey, Kathy! Come here a minute."

I should have known better. They all wore Cheshire-cat-smiles, as Doug hid behind them.

I entered their lair as Mike snickered, "Notice anything new?"

"You're all wearing the same silly grin," I ventured.

Everyone's smiles expanded as he pointed to my wall of family photos.

There it was, an 11x14 family portrait, hanging where an older shot had been. They all guffawed in unison, pushing Doug out front, pointing at him with, "HE hung it a week ago and wondered when you'd notice."

I hadn't.

So I called the herd of men to my living room and said, "See that chandelier?"

Experts on the obvious, they all nodded. "Well, Doug was out of town and I had it hung. Randall, one of YOUR friends, wired it for me and we measured it at 6'1" so Doug would clear it by an inch when he walked under it." (Randall is an electrician.)

Doug sheepishly backed into the crowd again. He knew this story and where I was headed.

I continued, "Randall, perched on the ladder, had asked me, 'Think Doug'll notice?'

'Sure he will. It's smack dab in the middle of our living room. How could he miss it? He'll have to pass under it to get to the bedroom.'

'I bet he won't even see it,' Randall wagered.

'You're on.'

Several days later Doug came home from his trip, suitcase in hand, kissed me, then headed to the bedroom. I couldn't wait for him to turn and see the chandelier. After all it WAS his anniversary gift to me. He deserved to enjoy his present I chose. He subconsciously ducked as he walked under it but never noticed it.

He deserved a second chance so I called him back, 'Oh, Doug, can you come back here for a minute?' as if I forgot something.

Puzzled, he spun and ducked under it again.

'Never mind,' I waved him on. Third time's the charm. One more pivot and surely I'll win this wager.

He ducked a third time but didn't even know WHY! I still owe Randall."

* * *
Awhile back Doug wore a mustache. One morning he decided to shave it off, tiring of it after a year. We were at church Sunday morning rehearsing when someone noticed, "Doug! You shaved your mustache!"

Startled, I gasped, "You did? You DID! Wow! I guess I didn't look at you very closely this morning, Babe."

"Nor the last three days, Kathy. I shaved it off Thursday."
* * *
Now one might think this is just an aging thing or that one of us is more prone than the other. But as I think back, it began right after the birth of our first child. We were such proud parents taking Kimberly to the nursery her first Sunday. Before service folks gathered around our beautiful daughter oo-ooing and ah-hing.

During church service her birth was announced and we beamed again. After the benediction we put away the music, shut down the sound system and headed to the car, following old habits. Suddenly one of us realized it was just the two of us in the car! "Oh no! We forgot the baby!"

So, best I can figure, our powers of observation were diminished most of our adult lives. I figure we even each other out though. Between us, we have ONE well-equipped brain!


9/5/10 UPDATE:
This blog has been up several days and Doug just asked, "Did you write about me and the chandelier?"

"Yes, and me not noticing the family photo you updated."

"Well, how do you like it?"

"The one from CHRISTMAS, Doug?"

"No. I put another one up a week ago. It's from last summer and you STILL aren't noticing!"

WE DONE DONE IT AGAIN! Here's the updated photo. . .we'll see it together.


  1. Oh, Kathy. This was really a good one this week because it reminds me of the... of the...

    (Sorry, forgot what it reminded me of; still living in the Ricky-Fog after all these years.)

  2. Christine Ellis (my niece) to me via email:

    LOVE IT!!! I laughed out loud several times!!! The stories just kept getting funnier! I’m so glad to know I come by my spaciness honestly! ;)

    Have a good day! Love ya!

  3. Huh? What were we talking about???