Thursday, May 6, 2010


As Mother's Day approaches this year I've felt a sadness drape over me. Part of me just wants to skip Sunday. There are no cards that say, "Have a sad Mother's Day." But many do.

For some reason, after all these years, I need Mama. I wish I could feel her soft hand stroke mine, chat with her, or feel her hug as she wipes away a tear. I just want to be with her. Does a daughter ever grow old enough not to need her Mama sometimes?
The above picture is of my Grandmother Strickland (Mama's mama) holding newborn me. Or it may be my younger brother, Ricky because it looks like Florida, but he'll never admit to wearing a dress! All newborns look somewhat alike and more like Winston Churchill than family for awhile. The photo below is of Mom and Dad in Nashville, TN, during my college years. From cradle to college, she was right there.

Now she's not. She's in heaven.

While the longings of my heart pulled me one way, God guided my heartstrings another. Last week He blessed me through my own two daughters. I held Katy in my arms and we hugged, long and hard. I stroked her four sons' cherub fingers. Laughter ricocheted from eight lively, hilarious grandchildren at play. I rubbed Kimberly's aching back and she rested her head on my shoulder. We all three had wonderful mother-daughter chats, laughing at old, family videos at Katy's house. Kimberly even wiped away my tears one morning.
So while I miss Mama, God physically reminded me that He met my needs for hugs, chats, touch, laughter and care...through my daughters, two of the most wonderful mothers ever created. They reflect Mama in their laughter, their antics, their love, their cooking! They sure didn't get the cooking gene from ME! Even my precious daughter-in-law, Mary, another excellent mother, got the cooking gene. I got the eating gene from Grandmother! And diabetes!

So I've decided to intentionally change my focus from Sad Mother's Day to Happy Daughters' Day or Happy Mother's Memories Day. Sunday I'll post an extra blog sharing how Mama still influences us from heaven today.

Be blessed this Mother's Day. We all are, no matter the circumstances. If you don't have a godly birth mother this Mother's Day, He has still given you godly women who have influenced you. Choose cheer and gratitude!

Blessed to be a blessing,


  1. My niece, another mother far above rubies, emailed me from Honduras, where she serves God as a missionary:
    Christine Ellis to me
    show details 3:32 PM (15 minutes ago)
    Thanks for the blog! It’s a much-needed challenge. I have been dreading the day a little myself, because I always look around church and see kids who don’t have mothers. There is even one whose father murdered her mother when she was six. I was chatting with a little girl (11yrs old) last week and she told me she would be singing with a group of kids for the first time on Sunday, a group one of the teachers had been practicing with. They plan to sing a special song about a mother’s love. Then it hit me—this girl’s mother abandoned her before she was a year old. She’ll be singing about something she’s never known.

    Okay, now that I’m pouring all this out, maybe I should blog about it, too! J

    Hope you have a great weekend! You’re not my mom, but you are a wonderful example to me of what a mother should be, and I am so thankful for the way you’ve influenced my life.

    So I’m arisin’ up and callin’ you blessed!!! Love you dearly.


  2. Charlie Hinesley Shotsky (email) commented on your link:

    "My father has been gone 33 years tomorrow and I still miss him, especially when I'm ill.I wish he could have shared all of the experiences of our lives. I miss his tenor in the choir at his old church, I miss sitting on his lap and being loved by him. Time changes the way we grieve, but no time can replace the void. I didn't go to churchon Father's Day for 10 years after he died. "
    Charlene Hinesley

  3. Facebook to me
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    Linda Lee Pryor Paisley commented on your link:

    "My Mother passed away 5 years ago today. It was 6 1/2 hours before Mother's Day that year. It will always be a sad day for me yet I rejoice in the Lord that He gave me the Mother that he did. She was dedicated to her 3 girls and our Father. She made a wonderful home on very little, taught us Godly values, and gave of herself completely to us and our home. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven, Mother!"
    Linda Paisley

  4. Barbara Talbott Taylor commented on your link:

    "Loved the pic of your dad and mom. They were such sweet people. Your mom was a jewel! I am sure you miss her."

  5. Facebook to me
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    Linda Markham Edwards commented on your link:

    "This was one of your best. I have borrowed your idea of "Daughters' Day" -- if you don't mind. You are a very gifted person, but we all knew that already."

  6. Janice Banks on facebook:

    Kat, I fondly remember your dear mother. I did love her and she loved me. She often encouraged me to become what God had in mind for me...and her encouragement has continued to speak to me over the years. I was blessed to be one of her girls.

  7. From Marilyn Pritchard:

    Hi Kathy,

    You probably don't remember me. I knew your parents, and worked under your dad in the college kitchen/cafeteria while a student. After graduation I worked at the college another nine years. Then after a 10-month stop in Africa to work with Clint and Lynette Morgan, I worked at the Executive Office 19 years as editorial assistant for Contact magazine.

    Your blog entry about Mother's Day brought back a memory for me that you might enjoy. Those years I worked at the college, I lived in a small apartment in West Nashville across from the Picirillis. My landlady was born in 1900 and was a wise and witty lady.

    Every Mother's Day she gave her daughters gifts. When I asked why she gave them gifts on what was supposed to be her day, here's what she said:

    I give them gifts on Mother's Day because they make being a mother so easy.

    She had done this for years. Her daughters were then about my age now (plenty-nine). And even though they were grown with their own grown and married children, she wanted them to know how much she appreciated and loved them.

    So your idea of Daughter's Day had an earlier start than you thought!

    Jack Williams sometimes sends the link to an entry to your blog he thinks I'll like -- like the one about the missionary widow whose husband was killed in Ecuador. It was great. Everything I've read on your site is excellent.

    Keep up the good work.

    Marilyn Pritchard

  8. Kimberly Henderson GraingerMay 24, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    Happiest of Mama's Days to you, my dear Ma! Maybe someday...
    One of my fave stories is when Elizabeth began just bouncing up, over and over, from the other side of our kitchen island, yelling, "Blessed!"
    "Whatcha' doing, kiddo?" I asked. With a sly grin, the clever six-year-old cutie answered, "Rising up and calling you blessed!"
    We do the same for you, Mama.
    Much love,
    Cute Canada pics! Remember the fun story-time w/Andrew, y'all?!