Saturday, August 8, 2009



The silhouette scene above is my title for this blog in webdings. As I toyed around with various fonts, I realized it was a pretty good picture of our vacation week together. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let the photos and video do my talking.

Summertime, summertime, sum sum sum '09!

Folks reminisce about the good old days. I tend to agree more with my great Aunt Iscar who wisely said, "EVERY age is the best." I try to fully enjoy the moment, not rushing to or past it. To regret the past or long for the future is to miss the blessing of today! Even in tough times, there are lessons to learn and character to grow. But for the Henderson clan...these ARE the good, old days and we praise God for them!

Most of my blogs are from our past but my friend Trudy asked why I hadn't posted about last week's family vacation at Kent's. So living in the present, let me introduce you to our children,

Kimberly, Kent, Katy and their families:

John, J.D., Kimberly,
Elizabeth, Benjamin & Blake

Living in Minneapolis, MN, John is a college professor at Crowne CMA College and is working on his doctorate. Kimberly homeschools the children.

Baby Sarah, Mary, Kent,
Caroline, Sean & Ryan

Kent is Worship Minister at Grace Fellowship Church in Kinston, NC (where he was born and the town of our first ministry.) He's working on his masters from Liberty. Mary homeschools the children.

Katy, David, Caleb, Dave
& Andrew

Dave works in the family Hyundai business in Ontario, Canada. Their latest model, Jordan (a 4th son), will debut in Sept.




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