Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hurrying a five year old is like nailing Jell-O to a tree or trying to push a chain. Our Kent was no exception. He was due on Christmas Day and came a day early. That's the last time I remember him being early as a kid.

That April night I started the bedtime routine. PJs, potty, brush teeth, say prayers…SCREECH!

Problem with his slowing down the process was that I was in labor. I NEEDED Kent to fall asleep and quickly. His sister was on the way. But he didn’t know that.

“Mom, before I pray, I was just wondering something. Does God hear us when we did something wrong that day?” He wanted to talk about prayer, God, sin and salvation. I gradually realized this was the moment. Kent was ready to get saved!

So I did what any good mother does. I called his father.

“DO-OOOUG! Better come in here…quick, Honey!” I knew Daddy would love that privilege of leading his son to the Lord.

Baby Katy arrived in the middle of the night. Next morning Kent called his grandparents beaming, “We got TWO good newses at our house last night!”

Good news indeed to have one born and one born again the same night. God ushered our son into the fold just before he became a big brother.

Following the Lord in baptism took a little more time because of his fear of water. Swimming lessons at the Y with his big sister, Kimberly, came later. We’d talk now and then about Jesus’ baptism as He set our example.

One day Kent asked, “Well, how old was He when He did it?”

Uh-oh. We may lose points here. “Um, well...He was 33, Kent.”

A smile swallowed up his face, “Wow! Then I can wait a lo-oong time and still be like Jesus, huh, Mom?”

He did and he was. Still is.

A few years later his daddy also had the privilege of baptizing him. “I baptize you my son…and now my brother, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.”

Even after that, his walk with the Lord grew as naturally as his adolescent frame. One day as he watched TV, he absent-mindedly answered the phone with, “Dear Heavenly Father…” Mortified at his own words, he dropped the phone, dashed to the sofa and pulled the afghan over his head. (Yes, that orange, gold, green and brown one in the above photo. My dear Mama, Kathryn Tippett, knitted it for us when those colors were oh so chic!)

I laughed as I picked up the phone to rescue him. I had no idea who was on "hold" nor what I'd say on Kent's behalf. Whoever it was had just been addressed as dear heavenly Father. I was pretty sure it wasn't Him. Kent and I were both relieved to hear his Aunt Gwen on the phone, laughing too, “Well, I’ve never been given such a greeting before!”

Today his full 6’5” frame stands comfortably on his church stage every Sunday, cradling his guitar.

As a worship leader he’s still following Jesus’ example, praising his dear, heavenly Father.

Timing is one of the hardest things I teach my piano students. It can be challenging in life too. But God’s timing is always perfect, no matter how it feels to us in the moment!

Order my steps in Your Word, oh Lord. Lead me, guide me every day.



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  1. What a blessing to see my not-so-little brother grow into the man of God he is today! What a privilege to see him lead others in following his Saviour. I'm proud of you, bro!