Thursday, July 16, 2009


“And they all lived happily ever after.” That’s a TRUE ending for any Christian. However, between that and

“Once upon a time…”
is the real story.


I love to hear and tell stories.

Doug and I watched the movie Inkheart last week. It was a fantasy genre. When a family man, the hero, read a story out loud, the characters came to life. (I wonder how Toto would like living in my back yard. He’d probably get hungry.) I thought about the plot and realized that the written word does bring to life the characters of a story.

There are some real characters in our family, myself included! We have over half a century—OK! OK! I’m 62. So we have 62 years of stories to tell. Some names may be omitted to protect the guilty. You can try to guess now and then which of the 9 grandsons or 3 granddaughters might star in a true story I write.

Why now? Do you believe in coincidences? Ever play Farkel? I think there’s some built in rigging there but many games, the lottery, sweepstakes, even the huge online gambling industry involve chance.

Our son, Kent, was in junior high school

when we moved from Raleigh, NC to his new school, Peninsula Christian in Smithfield, VA. He was assigned a locker and given the combination to his lock.

“Mom! You’re not gonna believe this! My numbers are the exact same as they were at Raleigh Christian Academy last year!”

I lost a diamond earring one summer vacation week at my uncle’s place on Bald Head (Smith) Island. Everyone searched in vain for it. A year or so later we borrowed the house again. Bored, our daughter, Kimberly, volunteered, “I think I’ll clean Aunt Mimi’s pantry.” She found my lost earring. It pays to clean house. Usually doesn’t pay that well, however.

Another day, as I sat on the couch, I called to Kent across the room, “Hon, toss me a pencil please.”

I wasn’t even looking in his direction when he responded.

With a really good toss!

The pencil landed in my right hand, which was in my lap. It landed between the fingers exactly as one would write.

Wide-eyed, we both locked eyes as he sang the Twilight Zone theme, "Do-do-do-do..."

God’s been nudging me to write again. I did for several years but not recently. The day I posted on Facebook that I was pondering a blog, my niece, Christine Tippett Ellis (missionary in Honduras) emailed me:

“Aunt Kathy, I haven’t told anyone yet except you and my sister, Kathleen, but I’m thinking about starting a blog. It’s not public yet but would you read what I’ve written and tell me what you think?” Check her out at:

I had to phoned (Skpe) her! We talked about our inner writer needing an outlet, the coincidence of us doing this on the very same day (she’d not read my post) and God’s timing.

Coincidences or divine appointments? I think God is very active in the details of my life. Well, maybe not Farkel unless I win the gold cup. Then I believe “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…” Seriously, my prayer is that He uses this outlet to uplift, inspire, encourage or just give you a good belly laugh.

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Every now and then I like to overdose.

“He collects my tears in a bottle.” Over the years I picture mine in one of those giant, knee-high jugs folks use to collect coins. I’ve even asked the Lord to form my tears into a chandelier for my mansion.

Joy and sorrow. Laughness and tears. Smooth paths and the “bumps you climb on.”

TIME marks our story. That’s why this blog. To tell chapters of our story. Bits and pieces of my mind, life.

ETERNITY marks our ending. FINAL CHAPTER: And we all lived happily ever after. Not really an ending at all, is it?

In His grip,

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  1. I love stories and always have as a kid. It was Superman comic books that taught me how to read since the Look-Say Method of reading failed me so miserably. Jesus loved telling stories, too, didn't He? I mean one of the greatest stories of all times and known around the world, is The Prodigal Son. Keep writing, Sis. Tell some good ones and let's keep it in YOUR family... not your extended family.



  2. Kathy, I teared up at the statement about tears being made into a chandelier for your mansion in heaven and wondered whether there would be two separate chandeliers for each of happy tears and sad tears or all mingled together as they happened in life?

  3. Kimberly GraingerMay 14, 2011 at 3:51 PM

    Our kids love stories, and yours are the best, Nana.